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Personal Care Assistant

What can you get from becoming a Personal Care Assistant?

Personal Care Assistants assist the elderly, convalescents, or persons with disabilities with daily living activities at the person’s home or in a care facility. Duties performed at a place of residence may include keeping house (making beds, doing laundry, washing dishes, etc…) and preparing meals. PCAs may also provide assistance at non-credited care facilities and advise those in need regarding such things as nutrition, cleanliness, and household activities. The BCC eHealthCareers hybrid PCA course contains standard tests used in combination with online performance checklists to determine the students’ successful completion of each module.

What is the job outlook for Personal Care Assistants?

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, Personal Care Assistant is the second fasting growing occupation in Massachusetts. The median hourly wage for a PCA was $9.44 as of May 2010. PCAs are often employed by individual and family services, home health care services, vocational and rehab services and employment services.

What are the requirements to enter the Personal Care Assistant Program?

  • None

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