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Emergency Medical Technicial

What do EMTs do?

Emergency Medical Technicians are the first responders in the world of emergency care. EMT’s are trained to care for patients at the scene of an accident and to transport them by ambulance to the hospital. A well-trained EMT has the emergency skills to assess a patient’s condition and manage respiratory, cardiac, and trauma situations. During an emergency, having a prepared and educated EMT could be the difference between life and death.

What is the job market like for EMTs?

Employment is expected to grow as fast as other occupations and, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, EMTs can expect to make $14.10 an hour (as of 2008). EMTs can become supervisors, operations managers, administrative directors, or executive directors of emergency services. Some EMTs become instructors, dispatchers, or physical assistants; others move into sales or marketing of emergency medical equipment. Many people become EMTs and paramedics to test their interest in healthcare before training as registered nurses, physicians, or healthcare workers.

How quickly can you become a certified EMT?

The EMT certificate requires students to complete 8 credits: two classes of 4 credits each. Most students can complete their EMT certification in just one semester.

What are the requirements to enter the EMT Certificate program?

  • High school diploma or High School Equivalency certificate.

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