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Chat Transcript - March 21, 2012

Please note that this is an unedited transcript. By its nature, misspellings, abbreviations, and grammatical errors are part of this type of synchronous communication. The views expressed below are those of the participant and not necessarily of Bristol Community College. Comments from President John Sbrega are labeled prez.

:prez :Hi Everyone: What is on your mind this morning? Governor's Proposal? NEASC? What else?

:prez :Welcome Magic, Bluebirt, justanumber, & Liz

:prez :and Magic

:justanumber :what is the progress at the green centerType here

:prez :The Green Center offerings? Location? Sustainability?

:Liz :I'm a concerned mother of a Nursing applicant... my daughter has applied into the program 2 years now. She received a letter last week stating she was placed on the "waiting list".... when I call BCC and ask to know the rank on this list... this information can not be given. But yet the students need to sit around and wait till May or June to find out if they got placed....

:justanumber :the location

:Liz :this doesn't seem fair at all... they need to know earlier... because they need to see what they are up against and move on while they still have time

:prez :Liz: This is a perennial problem for our Nursing Program. We have about 1,000 applicants every year for 72 slots. It takes until about March 1st to really cull down the list from all of these applicants. The Nursing Dept maintains the Wait List, but that information is NOT divulged. It is about the best we can do in a difficult situation.

:prez :Just: The Davol Street facility is nearing completion for us to move in during June. There are 11 classrooms, 2 computer labs, and 3 conference rooms, with many offices. That, of course, will open space here on Elsbree Street. The move will include, our Center for workforce & community education, abe/ged/esol, and SABES.

:Sunny :Will there be an Open House?

:prez :Sunny: I think so. We will have a ribbon-cutting ceremony. It will be a gorgeous facility.

:DS :?

:prez :Hi Everyone: What is on your mind this morning? Governor's Proposal? NEASC? What else?

:ASL_202_Class :Hello ASL 202 Intermediate ASL II will be joining the chat at 9:30 am. Students are required to sign their questions in ASL and I will translate/type. Great real world practice!

:Liz :/* C=800080 B=true */perhaps it's time for a CHANGE.... and these "waiting lists" should be made public.... there are futures on the line here waiting around only to be let down and lost come June. I know a girl that gave up on Nursing all together because even an ilegal person got in and they didn't. I believe something needs to get done.... MAKE THAT WAITING LIST PUBLIC....PLEASE

:Ben_Baumann :Hi Liz: I'm the Acting Dean of Admissions and would be happy to discuss our waitlist policy regarding competitive programs. Please feel free to email me to setup an appointment ( Thanks!

:liz :ok

:prez :Liz: Your daughter cannot count on being selected from the waiting list. The competition is fierce. The Waiting List names are CONFIDENTIAL and not released by the Nursing Faculty (who maintain this list).

:liz :the policy is pretty clear... I just suggest a change because only one placed in this waiting list situation can understand where I'm coming from

:prez :ASL: Thanks for doing this and arranging "real worlsd" practice. I hope that I can keep up on the keyboard.

:prez :Liz: I'm glad you understan the policy--even if you don't agree with it. Please look into eHealth Nursing. This was our effort to expand capacity in Nursing & the other Health Programs.

:liz :the letter that goes out talks about probabilities and give students hope Mr. Pres. so being young they will indeed sit around waiting until June ::biggrin

:ASL_202_Class :(from student) I rely on BCC computer labs. The open start time has changed since last year. It was 7:30am now it's 8. This prohibits me from completing any schoolwork before my classes. Why did this change? Can it go back?

:liz :Yes I beleive 96 total including e-nursing.... she went in not picking either or.

:ASL_202_Class :(from student) I am a Deaf student on campus. The G building videophone is not working. You also need more videophones on campus for people who work with Deaf students because enrollments of Deaf students is growing. And, having VP (videophone) is good for the hearing students in this program to learn to communicate with Deaf people.

:ENG13 :Do you believe there would be any benefit to BCC if the Governors proposal were to be adopted?

:prez :ASL: Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We shall look into it--with the INTENT to open at 7:30 as before. However, I hope we do not encounter some problem (as to why we changed in the first place).

:AlexDos :Hello - I was wondering if you would be able to quickly comment on the Gateway Program? Does it help students, the college, and should it be be expanded upon? Your quote would be used in my Public Relations Project , Alex Dos Santos

:prez :ASL: The number of Videophones should be expanded.For us to know about broken devices, we rely on "user" input--such as this message. Thank you.

:ASL_202_Class :(student) also regarding K130, why do we have to sign a log book? Can't the log on on the computes track us?

:prez :ENG 13: Well, BCC (as opposed to most of the other 14 CCs) would undoubtedly benefit from a new Funding Formula being created. (FYI--BCC is represented on this formula working group); however, the remainder of the Governor's proposal is very problematic for all of our CCs. We are NOT Voc Tech-ONLY!!!

:bluebirt :I'm sure you addressed this concern when you met with the Govenor; did he seem to understand (or care) about this concern

:prez :Alex: The Gateway program (and the New Bedford Middle College) have the same wonderful goals: recovering dropouts from HS and providing access to opportunity for a better life through education. Today's complex society demands some higher education credentials to gain meaningful employment. HS dropouts face a difficult road unless they reenter the education world. That is where Gateway fills an important mission.

:prez :ASL: For now, we do not have the software capability at the College to identify log-in users. But the ITS experts will be looking into either new software ($$$) or using the existing student ID cards (swipe).

:prez :Bluebirt: The Governor has other priorities that have led him into tighter control and centralization. But there is no connection as to how exactly the proposal would actually lead to "better" performance in Workforce Development.

:bluebirt :but did he seem to understand your concern?

:ASL_202_Class :(student) Deaf Studies students hope you can attend our informational event next week, Thursday, in G building. Drop in hours are 11:30 - 1. Hope to see you there, President Sbrega ::cool

:prez :Bluebirt: Yes, he did. I made it very clear to him, and he certainly gets our point of view. He did say, that if all 15 CCs were performing as well as BCC he would not need his plan. Small consolation!!!

:ASL_202_Class :(student) If Governor Patrick's plan happens....what do you forsee the impact to be at BCC? Would programs be cut? would classes be cut? how would this be determined?

:AlexDos :Thank you

:prez :ASL: Yes, I'll try to rearrange my schedule (pretty booked, I'm afraid). The impact of the Governor's Plan could mean very important changes (reductions/eliminations) in academic programs that traditionally lead to transfer. The clear emphasis is on career/technical programs & Workforce Development.

:bluebirt :thank you

:ASL_202_Class :(student) This is my 3rd year at BCC. I am graduating this spring. I attribute my success to great advisement. Particularly, Doug Kilguss and Sandy Lygren. Often, students first advisement is in G building and I have seen that they are often misadvised. This not only is a headache, but more importantly, prolongs graduation and costs money. Are you aware of these issues? I suggest all first years should have first contact and advisement with their program directors or a teacher in that program. G building uses "general" people that do not always understand the specifics of a program.

:prez :ASL: Thank you for this perspective. We have an Advising Task Force working on this general topic, and I shall pass along your comments to them

:ASL_202_Class :(student) Deaf Studies is a small program. Often classes have small enrollment. The interpreting class was cancelled this semester because of this. I needed that class to graduate and now have to have it waived or a directed study before I graduate. Is there a better way to ensure these classes run? (sandy from here on) This time, the online registration didn't work...for a month...despite bringing this to the proper people. I believe this was the cause of students not registering in a timely way.

:ASL_202_Class :test

:ASL_202_Class :we got error message...all set

:prez :ASL: Thank you. But what can the College do in such situations? If there aren't sufficient numbers for a class, it won't run. On-Line registration reported no difficulties; however, there may have been someting associated with this particular course, but it should not have taken a month to fix. I shall pass along this very important matter.

:ASL_202_Class :(not a student - ahem) is there a taskforce to address disruptive students. Often small programs such as mine can be derailed by a single student. This impacts several classes for all other students. Despite using proper reporting procedures, students appear to be enabled by other parts of the system and keep returning. The "new repeat a course policy" that Academice Standards Committee is working on to comply with new financial aid standards is another way that disruptive students can continue to disrupt the learning environment for students on track and successful. I have already forwarded my concerns to my rep, and, asked that "and adhered to the College's code of conduct" as additional language. We need a taskforce if we do not have one that bridges the gap between student services and academic areas. Academic probabtion, dismisal and program continuance should look at the impact that a students, demonstrated poor performance has on their program and peers and not only thems

:wiseowl :hi

:prez :ASL: The proposed new Repeat Course policy is more stringent and will reduce the number of repeat students. The College has in place various policies and groups to deal with disruptive students. Due process, of course, must be protected. Disruptive students are not tolerated.

:ASL_202_Class :(student) Deaf Studies is not only a small program, but it's hard to find. In fact, the next nearest program is Boston...after that NH. Does this fact become a good argument, then, to keep (and not change) Deaf Studies should the Governor's centralized-voc vision happen? If Deaf Studies was ever "cut", for example, then no one in RI of the southcoast has an option and would be forced to move. i don't understand. I am wondering if you could use Deaf Studies as an example to the state of why BCC should be preserved as-is? You'd have a strong argument about how something so local and tied to our community cannot be duplicated elsewhere.

:prez :ASL: Thank you. I continue to try to change the Governor's mind (fingers crossed).

:bluebirt :is it true that money to hire tutors was cut from your budget? I keep hearing that the tutors are limited because there is not enough money

:prez :Bluebirt: Absolutely untrue! We never cut Tutoring money; moreover, we have added more funding almost every year for tutoring and academic support services.

:bluebirt :hmmmmm

:ASL_202_returns_ :(student) your "fingers crossed" reference means you may enjoy taking Visual Gestural class ::tongue

:prez :ASL: Yes, every student counts!

:ASL_202_returns_ :(not a student) So, what HBO programming or AMC programming has replaced your Soprano Sunday night fix? I highly rec Walking Dead.::ninja

:prez :ASL: Downton Abbey & Homeland & Boardwalk Empire--but I still miss the Sopranos.

:prez :ASL: I haven't seen Walking Dead. What about your new viewing habits.

:ASL_202_returns_ :(student) 'every student counts' - yes, that's why looking at advisement is so important. Thanks for saying you would look into that. How do you "count" the student that get lost along the way?

:ASL_202_returns_ :(me) Walking Dead is an addiction at this point. Also love Once Upon a Time...gotten find that balance :)

:ASL_202_returns_ :(student) I would like to see more lab materials for ASL...and more variety.

:ASL_202_returns_ :* go to find::wacko

:prez :ASL: $$$$ ???

:ASL_202_returns_ :got to...geez

:ASL_202_returns_ :(me) carwash at the Pres ouse?

:ASL_202_returns_ :house

:ASL_202_returns_ :(student) Yes, I know it takes money. What can be done?

:ASL_202_returns_ :(me) We do write grants every year. I am working over the summer with Gen (our new lab tech) to change Intermediate labs as a means to this end.

:ASL_202_returns_ :copyright issues have prevented new materials from entering the circulation due to existing ways we use K130.

:ASL_202_returns_ :(me) this was great! new signs learned from this were: governor, "counts", fair, advisement, program, transcript.......

:prez :Everyone: The old clock on the wall is telling us that it is time to leave the Chat Room. Thanks for participating.

:ASL_202_returns_ :handswaving

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