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Gallery Reopens October 26, 2017

The gallery reopens on October 26 with Illuminations: The Art of Samuel Bak

The exhibition features 28 original works by world-renowned artist and Holocaust survivor Samuel Bak. He has devoted his life to creating work that expresses his reflections, experiences, and memories of living through the horrors of the Holocaust. The commentary, by Dr. Lawrence Langer, that accompanies each work, reveals the symbolic intricacies and historical and cultural references that appear in each painting. Together they provide an extraordinary opportunity to explore and study the impact of the Holocaust on one individual.

The opening reception is on Thursday, October 26 from 6-8 pm.

There will be a very special event on November 1, from 6-8 pm, featuring a lecture and private reception with Dr. Lawrence Langer. Tickets for the November 1st event, sponsored by the BCC Holocaust Center, and catered by BCC's outstanding Culinary Program, can be purchased by contacting Ron Weisberger at 774-357-2444.

The exhibition runs through December 8 and is free and open to the public.