Clyde Hilliard


Clyde Hilliard has made many stops in his post-high school life, but came to realize that education was going help him cover the most ground. 

With stints at various colleges in his home state of Rhode Island, Clyde couldn’t quite find the balance he was looking for. Having to support his family financially, he opted to enter the workforce instead of the classroom.

Clyde worked a series of jobs, including for the state, and realized his best chance to further his career was through education. 

“I figured Bristol is right around the corner it’s affordable. No matter what, I was going back to school,” said Clyde. 

Clyde graduated from Bristol with an Associate’s Degree in Business Administration, and is pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work from Bridgewater State University. His ultimate goal is to combine the two areas of expertise into a nonprofit focused on helping prison inmates rejoin society.  

“My passion is for helping people, watching them grow. Seeing the progress they make from the beginning to the end.”

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