Policy on Posting Flyers and Posters

All materials posted on the campus must be reviewed, approved and stamped by the Office of Student and Family Engagement before they may be posted. Postings include any information tacked, tied, or stapled to any surface on campus. The normal size of posting is 8½” x 11” or smaller; limited larger postings are permitted on a case-by-case basis.

Materials may only be posted on designated bulletin boards and may not be posted on bulletin boards designated for college use or departmental use only. Bulletin board space is available on a first come, first served basis. All users of college bulletin boards are expected to respect the materials posted by other individuals and organizations and may NOT cover any existing posted material.

Posters must clearly indicate the name of the responsible organization and contact person, the expiration date, as well as required disability contact information. The maximum length of time any posting may be displayed is two weeks. The sponsoring group should remove all flyers within two (2) days after the event deadline. Approval of subsequent requests by an individual or organization to post materials may be negatively impacted by any failure to comply with this or any other college policy.

Materials may not be distributed or posted in the following locations:

  • On parked vehicles; 
  • In elevators or around the elevator doors or buttons;
  • On glass doors and windows;
  • On stairs or in stairwells;
  • Over fire doors, exit sign or any electric light fixtures or switches;
  • Bus stops or emergency call boxes;
  • On any outside area; chalking is permitted on sidewalks only.

Questions or concerns about the posting policy should be directed to the Office of Student and Family Engagement, G101 in the Commonwealth College Center on the Fall River campus. At the New Bedford Campus, please go to the Library/Learning Center (LLC) room 163. In At the Attleboro and Taunton Campus, please visit the Enrollment Centers.