2021 Theatre Productions

One Who Disappears

November 18 - 20
Studio Theatre | Margaret L. Jackson Arts Center, Room H128 | Fall River Campus

Bristol Community College’s Theatre program is proud to announce its first production since the pandemic. Bristol’s original ensemble-devised production titled, “One Who Disappears,” premiered from Thursday, November 18, to Saturday, November 20.

The production was also live-streamed on the Bristol Theatre program YouTube channel.

Brief Synopsis: The “One Who Disappears” is piece of theatre written, designed and acted by Bristol students. The Bristol Theatre Program presents this world premiere as both a live, in-person production, and a live-stream on the Bristol Theatre Program YouTube channel. A group of souls enter an afterlife purgatory. They struggle to come to terms with the hatred, guilt, and resentment from their lives. Each lost soul must ask themselves, how do we let go of those things that are the source of our suffering? And what lies on the other side of letting go?

For more information about Bristol Theatre’s production of “One Who Disappears,” please contact Artistic Director and Assistant Professor of Theatre David Ledoux by emailing David.Ledoux@bristolcc.edu or by calling 774.357.3748.

Stay tuned for more exciting productions and programming brought to you by the Bristol Theatre Program.