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Lunch and Learn at Honors Showcase Week, Spring 2021 

The 2021 Honors Showcase took place virtually Monday, May 3rd through Thursday, May 6th, from noon to 1:00 p.m. each day. 

Our graduating Commonwealth Honors students proudly presented their final Honors projects. With so many graduates this year, we have changed our Showcase Day to a full week of events! Each day, multiple students shared their work and guests had a chance to interact with them. 

Please see the recorded Zoom sessions below from each of the four days.

Schedule of Presentations:

Monday, May 3, noon – 1:00 pm 

Climate Change and Multinational Corporations: Displacement and Decay of Life | Celina Brasil

This research is grounded in the idea that climate change is forcing people around the world to migrate in search of a better life and explores the relationship between multinational corporations and climate change.

A Tale of Two Pandemics: Substance Use Disorder in the Age of COVID-19 | Katherine Haley 

A review of how Massachusetts has kept its overdose death rates so far below the national average during the Covid-19 pandemic. 

A Pandemic within a Pandemic: Domestic Violence during the Covid-19 Battle | Te’Lynn Layton  

A look at what has gone on behind the scenes in homes during Covid-19 and the potential violence that can be occurring.  

Gods then, Myths now; the Lore of the Bathroom | Brandon Souza 

Ancient Gods of the bathroom. Modern myths of bathroom spirits. How much do they connect? How do such Gods and myths change across the world? 

Tuesday, May 4, noon – 1:00 pm 

Capturing Culture and COVID: A Snapshot of New Bedford Culture Podcast | Kwang Arnzen

The cultural movements, setbacks, connections, and triumphs of New Bedford cultural organizations in the time of Covid-19. 

The Implications of COVID-19 Isolation for Individuals with Substance Use Disorders | Justine Gonsalves 

An analysis of how COVID-19 related social isolation is negatively impacting individuals with substance use disorders.   

Stopping the Revolving Door: An Analysis of Efforts in the Massachusetts Corrections System Designed to Cut Down on Recidivism Rates | Hannah Walsh  

An in-depth analysis of programs in Massachusetts aimed to reduce recidivism rates and increase their effectiveness.   

Connecting with Nature through Birdwatching | Sumedha Welgamage 

Birdwatching is much more than a pastime that benefits humans and nature. A study of how Bristol could promote birdwatching and promote nature conservation. 

Wednesday, May 5, noon – 1:00 pm 

Human Resources Support of Working Parents | Magie Hudson 

Parents are often viewed as disadvantaged individuals in the workplace. This research pursues the question of “How can Human Resources Support Working Parents?”   

Rethinking the Polarized U.S. Two-party Political System | Peter (PJ) Lenza 

This research examines how the two-party system perpetuates partisan conflict, fails to represent the population properly, and ultimately weakens our democracy.   

Evolution of English Language and the American Experience: Tracing the Impact of Multiculturalism and the Civil Rights Movements | Monique Santos 

Research that maps out the important factors that have contributed to the evolution of the English language in the United States, particularly emphasizing the role of multiculturalism and the Civil Rights Movement. 

Thursday, May 6, noon – 1:00 pm

Covid – 19’s Effect on Food Insecurity | Sara Archambault

Covid-19 has affected everyone, but those who were already struggling were hit twofold. How has Covid-19 impacted the existing issue of food insecurity in the community?

Fire Extinguishing BOE-Bot: Concept to Prototype | Sara Hincapie

This project discusses the concepts behind creating an autonomous fire-fighting robot.

Historical Threads: Fashion, Textiles, and the Environment | Emily Huling

Take a look at the second most destructive industry after oil and gas: the world of fast fashion.  What are the impacts of fast fashion, and how can we minimize the damage? 

Additional Presentations

Some graduating Honors students were not available to share their work live. We invite you to view their final projects below at your leisure.

Investigating STEAM Education for Little Scholars | Dahlia Joseph Albanna  

This research highlights the historical roots of STEAM education in the United States and analyzes the impact of STEAM education in contemporary classrooms and what it promises for the future of education.

The Rise of GameStop: How Reddit Beat Wall Street at Their Own Game | Robert Comerford

Hedge funds on Wall Street have always made grotesque amounts of money by driving companies into the ground. How did Reddit turn the tables and cost them millions in a matter of days?  

Helping ESL Students Succeed in School | Aydee Morales Rivas 

This project investigates persistence rates for English as a Second Language (ESL) learners through a collection of local and national data and considers affective, environmental, financial and academic factors that contribute to success or create barriers. 

Experimental Printmaking:  Digital and Analog | Hannah Sousa

What can result from blending the process of physical art-making with digital art-making? As a designer who works primarily in the realm of communication design with its repetitive problem/solution focus, what would result by opening the process for greater experimentation, leaving the outcome more open-ended?

The Interrelationship between Mood Disorders and Substance Use Disorder in Young Adults | Jillian Sylvia 

An in-depth review of the pathophysiological, psychological, and neurological causes and effects that mood disorders may have on substance use disorders.


All sessions will be recorded and made available for viewing at a later date.

For more information:

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