e-Portfolio Submission Guidelines

If portfolio faculty wish to submit student portfolios electronically (i.e. e-portfolios), we recommend adhering to a few guidelines to assist those doing the assessment. The goal is fewer documents and more efficient reading. Please:

  1. Have students save/compile their portfolio into a single document or blog entry.
  2. If saved as a document, please have students include their last name within the file name (e.g. Nadeau’s final portfolio).
  3. To ensure saved documents will be accessible, have students save as one of the following file types: .doc, .docx, .txt, .rtf, .odt, or .PDF.
  4. To ensure blog entries are legible, have students give consideration to design elements such as type size, background color, and contrast.
  5. Have students label each paper with the name of the assignment.
  6. Consider creating a single document containing all of the instructor’s assignments.