English Portfolio for Faculty

The English Department Portfolio Assessment Project encourages consistent and appropriate standards for writing in English 090: Basic Writing Skills and English 101: Composition I: College Writing. 

All faculty who participate in the project submit portfolios of their students’ writing to be holistically evaluated by the English Department Portfolio Assessment Committee at the end of the semester. Students whose portfolios pass the evaluation earn their grade as outlined in their course syllabi. Students whose portfolios do not pass earn a Portfolio Incomplete (I grade).

This Portfolio Incomplete, unlike a traditional Incomplete, does not prevent the students from taking English 101 or English 102 in the next semester, but it does require that the student take advantage of free faculty tutoring through the program in order to better understand the issues within his or her writing that prevent it from meeting the departmental standard.  Once the student makes the necessary revisions and his or her portfolios passes the evaluation, the student’s course grade is released.