Bristol awarded $2,248,379 Title III grant

Bristol Title III Grant 1 2019 Image

Bristol Community College awarded $2,248,379 competitive Title III grant, to further student success.

Bristol Community College has been notified that the college has been awarded a competitive Federal Title III grant to further student success, worth $2,248,379.

Bristol will receive $449,707 each year of the 5-year period of the U.S. Department of Education’s Title III Strengthening Institutions Program grant. The funding will help to create the “Pathways to the Future (PTTF) initiative,” which addresses the needs of Bristol Community College’s General Studies students through strong academic guided pathways that provide learning-centered and student-supported environments, along with wraparound academic support services through faculty assistance combined with physical and virtual innovative learning aids.

“We are proud to have been chosen as the recipient of the transformative Title III grant,” said Dr. Laura L. Douglas, president of Bristol Community College. “The college is committed to continuing our legacy of implementing best practices, innovative technology and proactive student support to advance student achievement and retention.” 

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The grant is focused on three major activities at the college:

Engaged Pathways: This initiative will increase student achievement and progress to degree completion and decrease credit accumulation using the best practice model of Guided Pathways for Success. This model utilizes the development of Meta-Majors, two-semester academic paths, which promote exploration of disciplinary areas, to better lead students to refine their choice of academic major. These Meta-Majors are coupled with a redesigned, customized First-Year Experience, academic and student services throughout a student’s first year to aid student development. First-Year Experience services, such as targeted orientation, Service-Learning,Learning Communities, common reading and writing-intensive approaches, known as High Impact Practices, are infused into first-year gateway courses. High Impact Practices have been shown nationally to significantly improve student retention.

Learning CommonsThe Learning Commons, the college’s physical and virtual central hub for academic support services, will incorporate integrated tutoring, library services and support services to create a one-stop model for academic support that increases students’ use of services and ultimately their graduation rates. The centralized offering of student services aims to prevent difficulty students may experience locating and accessing critical support services. This initiative includes the proposed addition or expansion of the Learning Commons at the college’s locations in Attleboro, New Bedford and Fall River.

Inescapable SupportThis initiative provides wraparound academic assistance through accelerated on-ramps, nationally known practices that assist students to complete developmental education in less time. In addition the initiative provides proactive coaching, case management and an integrated early alert system, designed to offer students continuous support. These efforts will be supported by robust technology that will allow faculty and staff to send an alert about a student experiencing an academic or non-academic need, in order to best serve that student with the most appropriate resources at the college.

With a Title III investment of $2,248,379, Pathways to the Future will increase student achievement by 15 percent, and increase fall-semester to fall-semester retention of first-year students by 10 percent with a final outcome including a 5 percent increase in graduation rates for Bristol’s general studies students.

Bristol Community College is a leading resource for education and workforce development in Southeastern Massachusetts. Bristol has locations in Fall River, Attleboro, New Bedford, and Taunton, along with flexible online offerings that lead to an associate degree, a career ready certificate, or the ability to seamlessly transfer to baccalaureate colleges throughout the state and country. The college’s Center for Workforce and Community Education provides customized training for businesses and the community including healthcare, workforce and sustainable initiatives, and corporate services. The Bristol Community College Foundation, a nonprofit organization utilizing community donations and partnerships, supports the college’s mission to meet the lifelong educational needs of the community. For more information, visit