Bristol Community College
Telework Policy

The new application form for telework from July 1 through September 30 is located at the bottom of this page. 

This policy establishes guidelines for the college regarding the allowance for – and the boundaries of – teleworking applicable to employees.  

Read the full Telework Policy HERE

  • Human Resources will communicate the application period prior to each cycle.
  • An employee’s job duties, responsibility towards service to co-workers and students, or scheduled daily work hours will not change.  
  • The approval and denial process will be completed via Dynamic Form, which will include approval by the employee, supervisor, area Vice President and Human Resources.  
  • Supervisors will be working with their President’s Leadership Team (PLT) Member and Human Resources (HR) to implement and manage the Telework Program.  
  • Eligible staff positions are full-time/part-time; MCCC unit professionals, NUPs and AFSCME members. Check with your supervisor prior to putting in for a Telework request.   
  • The workday should be similar to when you are physically in the office, which includes free from personal interruptions, reliable access to technology and appropriate response time.
  • Employees may be required to report to their designated campus on a Telework day if requested by their supervisor.
  • Requests are not guaranteed and may be amended by their supervisors before approval.   

Application form for Telework