Volunteer Guidelines

Bristol Community College appreciates and welcomes the support of volunteers who contribute to the community college mission by offering supplemental programs services and activities to its students, faculty, staff and local community. In order to effectively coordinate and evaluate volunteer services the College has developed the following guidelines. These guidelines are general and may not address the unique circumstances or exceptional needs of a particular individual, program, service or activity. For clarification of these guidelines, further information or consideration of exceptions, it is necessary to consult with the Vice President of Human Resources and that member of the College senior staff who has responsibility for the appropriate divisional area. Furthermore, volunteer services may not be initiated until the Vice President of Human Resources approves a recommendation from the Department head who will oversee the volunteer.


  • Volunteers may provide service in areas where such service will enhance the quality and efficiency of programs and activities offered by Bristol Community College to its students, employees and the community.
  • Volunteers are welcome to contribute their services to Bristol Community College in any appropriate area as deemed fit by the College.
  • Volunteer services may include, but are not limited to, coaching, training, coordinating projects or events, assisting students with disabilities, assisting with child care, assisting with campus ministry or counseling, assisting in computer or science labs, performing in theater or arts events, assisting in offices.
  • Where required, the volunteer must possess the necessary license, certification or credentials to perform the tasks; e.g., first aid, aquatics safety, martial arts, health care, social work, psychology, etc.
  • Volunteers may be invited to participate in appropriate staff development or training programs. Volunteers should be provided any training necessary for the safety of themselves and others, such as building evacuation routes and campus emergency procedures.
  • Volunteers shall not engage in activities that could risk injury or harm to themselves or to others.
  • Volunteers are required to respect the privacy of students, employees and members of the College community by maintaining confidentiality in all matters arising out of the voluntary activity.
  • Volunteers will be required to undergo criminal offender record information (CORI) and/or sexual offender record information (SORI) check.
  • Volunteers should report or acknowledge their presence and voluntary activities to the responsible department head.
  • Bristol Community College may terminate or discontinue any volunteer service at any time where it is deemed not to be in the best interest of the College, its students, employees or the community.
  • Volunteers who wish to cite their Bristol Community College activity as relevant experience for future employment or career development may refer requests of confirmation of such activity and dates of service to the Human Resources office.
  • Volunteers shall not be given open access to college facilities and resources but may be given appropriate and reasonable access to college facilities and resources that are necessary and available to assist in the provision of service.