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Guide to Usage

This Faculty Handbook is designed to assist Bristol faculty address issues they may come across in their work. The handbook contains information about Bristol Policies, introductions and links to Bristol resources, and more. The menus and submenus on the left column of this website should help you locate the materials you need. You can also select from the buttons below. If you have any questions, please email William Duffy ( or fill out the form at the bottom of the resource. 

Dear Colleagues, 

I am so glad that you are a part of Bristol Community College where our vision is to advance a vibrant, diverse community through education, learner by learner.

You will often hear me say, “Lead from where you are.” As faculty, you are important leaders who embody our values of collaboration, communication, inclusion, innovation, respect, and student success.

You shape our culture of professionalism, where ideas are shared and we support each other in our common goal of student success. You practice open and honest communication and take a collective approach to decision-making. You model inclusion by embracing and affirming individual perspectives and identities to create a college environment that promotes inclusion and equity for all. You help us meet the challenges of today and tomorrow by fostering a culture where we innovate and strive to continuously improve. You practice respect and assume positive intent. You make me so proud that the focus of your work is to serve students, support their growth, and provide them with the assistance and tools necessary to achieve their professional and educational goals. Thank you for your leadership and all that you do for our students and one another.

Please use this faculty handbook as a resource and guide. At Bristol, we have so many ways to support our faculty and enable your success. I hope that you will use these tools to be your very best and help the college fulfill its vision for the future.

Laura L. Douglas, Ph.D. President 

August 2021  

Dear Colleagues, 

I am so delighted you have chosen to teach at Bristol. Teaching is the heart and soul of our institution. Our mission underscores the importance of this work as we provide an accessible, innovative, and inclusive education that prepares our students to navigate and succeed in an ever-changing world. 

I know that you have worked diligently to prepare yourself to share your passion, expertise, and knowledge with our students and create a sense of belonging and a zeal for learning in our real and virtual classrooms. From the lab to the clinical to the community-based project and with those students who aspire to transfer or who seek new employment opportunities, I have confidence that you will advance our vision of a vibrant, diverse community, where each learner is nurtured and supported as they strive to achieve their dreams. 

There are many opportunities for you at Bristol in our academic community. Whether you are part-time or tenure-track educator, you will benefit from our spirit of collaboration, inclusion, and respect. Our community is wholly committed to student success, empowering students to achieve their goals and building a culture of inclusion that is focused on innovation, caring, and equity. It is a culture where we inspire each other to grow continuously, and it is supported by our faculty and administrative leaders throughout the institution. Together, with resources from our Lash Center for Teaching and Learning, Human Resources, Library Learning Commons, Online Learning/CITE Lab, and Multicultural and Student Affairs, we are a dynamic and exciting college, ready to support you and your new ideas. 

I encourage you to get involved and reach out to others, asking for what you need and offering to help those you can. Our shared governance Councils offer opportunities to shape the future of the college. Academic area deans and administrative assistants can help you navigate the college. Our Senates and our unions make us the best institution we can be. All our institutional strengths rely on your engagement so that we can be leader-full. 

This handbook has been carefully prepared for you by our Lash Center for Teaching and Learning. We hope that it supports your success so that you can, in turn, support our students’ success. Its contents reflect how brilliant Bristol is. I am thankful for your commitment to Bristol, its values, our students, and our collective and individual continuous improvement, but mostly for your role as the heart and soul of our community. 

Suzanne Buglione, Ed.D