When parents can focus on their educational, career, and financial goals with support and high-impact best practices, they are more likely to reach their goals.

Bristol’s Parenting Advancement Pathways program holistically supports Bristol’s student parents balancing their education while raising children. The program provides participants with valuable resources, inside and outside of the college, such as case management, financial and career planning, counseling, as well as the integrated, wrap-around academic support that leads to earning a degree and improving overall wellbeing.

The program began in Spring 2021 and is backed by EMPath’s Mobility Mentoring® model and the development of individual goals in five areas that represent the pillars on the EmPath Bridge to Self-Sufficiency®.

This program focuses on supporting BIPOC (black, Indigenous, and people of color), low-income, and single mother heads of household but is open to all mothers currently studying at Bristol. The program includes an application and virtual interview process.

“The program has been a safe place for me to share my struggles and aspirations involving my education. It has helped me strengthen my confidence in making decisions that will benefit my family.”

Watch EMPath informational videos below.

If you are interested in applying, please fill out the Parenting Advancement Pathways application and you will be contacted to set up an interview.



The Parenting Advancement Program will work with the college’s student centers and departments – such as the Women’s Center, Multicultural Affairs, Disability Services, Admissions, Advising, Financial Aid, Career Services, and Student and Family Engagement, to customize services and resources to aid student success.Women's Center mother

Mentoring and Collaboration

The Parenting Advancement Program will provide resources such as holistic case management, financial and career planning, counseling, mentoring, and ongoing educational workshops.

Participants will be assigned both a peer mentor and a professional mentor to help stay on track and provide experience-based guidance and encouragement.

“This program was very helpful and supportive. It helped me understand that there are many women in different situations but basically fighting for the same goals.”

The innovative program, funded by grants from the Island Foundation, Women’s Fund of Southeastern Massachusetts, and Rise Prize, will also be supported with engaging workshops from community partners, such as the Marian Institute, Round the Bend Farm, Elements Learning Collaborative, BayCoast Bank, and more.

For more information about the Parenting Advancement Pathways program, please email Elisabetta.Misuraca@bristolcc.edu.

What is the Parenting Advancement Pathways Program?

This cohort program is designed exclusively to support parenting students for success. The benefits of joining this program are that students are equipped with free fundamental tools and resources such as, but not limited to, holistic case management, financial literacy, and career planning, counseling, essential workshops, and continuous guidance and mentorship, all leading to degree attainment. In addition, there are optional monthly group support sessions and various incentives offered throughout the semester. The Parenting Advancement Pathways program partners with students on their journey so that they are empowered to achieve and realize their goals.

What is a cohort? 

This is a group of people with shared experiences working together to achieve shared goals.

Who can participate?

The program is open to Bristol Community College parenting students.

What will be required of me if I participate?

  • The willingness to commit to the program; this is beneficial in claiming educational success.
  • Attend the monthly workshop.
  • Meet individually with the Recruitment Counselor and mentor.

What is the monthly workshop? 

During the semester, there will be workshops to address various informative needs such as, but not limited to, financial literacy, stress management for families, academic/library support, etc. These are subject to change and will be updated accordingly.

What is meant by the Recruitment Counselor and when will we meet?

The Recruitment Counselor will meet with you at different times during the month. There will be shorter and longer meetings. Each student is unique so the experience is tailored to your different needs. This will be discussed during the interview and orientation to the program.

Who are the mentors? 

Based on your interests, you will be paired with a volunteer mentor who has an understanding of the challenges and obstacles encountered along the path to success.  It is up to you and your mentor to discuss when to meet and for how long.

What is the Women’s Circle? 

This is an optional shared space to share comradery with others.

“Women unity is strength.”

I don’t have a flexible schedule and find it difficult to come to campus, can I still participate?

Yes! We’re here virtually for you too!

How do I apply?

Applying is free and simple! Simply complete a brief application form and we will follow up with you with next steps. We encourage you to apply even if you aren’t sure if you want to fully commit to the program. We're happy to follow up and provide more information before you decide to participate.

What happens after I apply, am I in the program?

You will be contacted by the Recruitment Counselor for an interview, a program overview, and will need to attend the program’s orientation in September (TBA).

What is Orientation?

Orientation is a session in which the programming and logistics of the program will be outlined. The goal is to set you up for success in the program by sharing some important information and program resources before we get started.

What does it mean to be in the Parenting Advancement Pathways program?

Being a participant in this program means being supported in various ways by attending the monthly workshop, optional Women’s Circle, meeting with the Recruitment Counselor and mentor for additional resources for success and growth.

I’m interested but still have a few questions, what should I do?  

Please email Elisabetta.Misuraca@Bristolcc.edu.

Watch these helpful videos about the Mobility Mentoring® approach: