Women’s Center Welcome

The Women’s Center would like to welcome students back for spring 2021 and is here to support you in your journey at Bristol! More than ever it is important to engage in conversations and experiences regarding anti-racist, intersectional feminism that can create a more equitable and resilient college community and world.

Women's Center Events

What is the Women’s Center?

The mission of the Women’s Center at Bristol Community College is to provide a safe and supportive space of empowerment through advocacy and education. The Women’s center promotes the concept of intersectionality—that gender intersects with all other markers of identity—and thus works to help students understand the complexity of their lives and the lives of others.

This work is done by making the connections between the classroom and the outside world by organizing and facilitating student center programs, workshops, lectures, and seminars aimed at improving self-esteem, developing leadership skills, promoting diversity and raising awareness about women’s and gender issues. The center commits itself to the support and progress of all students in their personal, academic, and career needs.

Currently, our physical space located on our Fall River campus is closed, but we are still committed to supporting students. Below are some of the ways we are supporting students virtually.

Student support services in a virtual setting:

  • Safe space
  • Parenting Advancement Pathway
  • Parenting Club meetings
  • Ongoing programs focused on retention & social development
  • Emotional/crisis support
  • Support and referrals to community organizations for survivors of sexual and intimate partner violence
  • Women’s circle
  • Stories that Inspire Series
  • Women Wednesday: Women of Color Series
  • Parenting Advancement Program
  • Speakers and discussion panels on topics that relate to women
  • Multicultural events that celebrate women

Who can be involved in the Women’s Center?


The Bristol Women's Center is a place of inclusion, open to ALL genders and identities.

With that said, we focus on creating programs and experiences for women. We are inclusive of LGBTQIA+ Students, Students of Color, First-Generation College Students, International Students, Students with Disabilities, and Athletes.

How do I learn more about the Center?

More about the Women’s Center can be found on our Facebook Page. In addition, we have weekly Women’s Center Open Hour, Tuesdays 1 p.m. to 2 p.m. via zoom. Zoom Link This is an opportunity to meet our staff and learn about our program, resources, and ask questions. If you can’t make it you can always connect with Robert Delaleu, Director of Multicultural Affairs, at Robert.Delaleu@bristolcc.edu or 774.357.4056 with any questions or comments.

Click here for the Women Writing History Project 

Gender-Focused Courses at Bristol

Interested in taking a gender-focused course? Here are some available classes:

HST 251, Social History of American Women

Taught by Robyn Worthington
A survey of women's lives in America from the beginning of the English settlement to the present. The course considers marriage, family, childrearing, work, religion, and politics. Readings, lectures, and discussions emphasize the diversity of women's lives according to age, race, ethnicity, social class, and place of residence. Three lecture hours per week. Competency met: Social Phenomenon (5.4), Humanities (6.0) 3 credits Fall.

HUM 110 - Intro to Queer-Feminist Studies

Taught by Kimberly Coates
This is an introductory survey course providing an overview of queer-feminist studies through major writers and thinkers within the field. Themes include the construction of gender and sexual identity, material oppression based on gender or sexual difference, the state and power in relation to gender equality social movements, the role of queer and feminist theories in a transnational context, and ways of imagining otherwise.

ENG 217, Writings from the Margins of Contemporary Literature

Taught by Kimberly Coates
This class focuses on expressions of gender and sexuality, particularly the experiences of women of color, portrayed in American literature and film from the 1950s to today. This class will pay specific attention to literature by authors with hybrid racial, ethnic, gender, sexual, or cultural identities emerging from the experience of living on the margins of contemporary American society. Literary genres include poetry, drama, short fiction, non-fiction, and the novel.

View the Academic Catalog HERE


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