Strategy III: Organizational Excellence

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President's Office

777 Elsbree Street
Fall River, MA 02720



Objective 1:

Align the existing culture of the organization with our core values.

Create an employee recognition program that highlights exceptional demonstrations of institutional values.

Create a cross-functional directory tool that updates "who does what" at the college to foster better inter-department communication and support for staff, faculty and students.

Objective 2:

Increase digital literacy among all Bristol students.

Create an assessment model for measuring student's digital literacy. Use the student digital literacy scale as a guide for development.

Provide training to students to increase their core digital literacy skills needed to successfully complete the course work based on their initial assessment scores.

Objective 3:

Increase efficiency and equity-mindedness through process improvements across the college.

Identify methodology and schedule for conducting business process reviews, ensuring review is completed through an equity lens. (Include equity component into existing CAS Review.)

Objective 4:

Create a professional development program designed to build employees' competencies to foster growth and meet strategic objectives.

Implement a process for assessing employees' training and development needs and create annual plans to address those particular needs.

Objective 5:

Create a process where organizational resources are appropriately allocated to align strategic priorities while supporting and maximizing alternative sources of funding.

Review the current budgeting process and consider refining the process to emphasize the allocation of resources to strategic priorities.