Strategy I: Academic Innovation

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President's Office

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Objective 1: 

Create pathways from noncredit offerings to credit programs.

Conduct a needs assessment/process review for Adult Education, including ESOL students with regards to enrolling and succeeding in credit programs, developing actions to address barriers as needed.

Objective 2:

Increase accessibility and convenience for students by offering a broader variety of learning modalities to meet students’ personal and educational needs.

Develop and distribute surveys for faculty and students regarding their preferences for and satisfaction with online education at Bristol, resulting in a set of actions to improve online learning.

Objective 3:

Ensure student exposure to High Impact Practices (HIPs) in all certificate and degree programs.

Generate a list of institutionally approved HIPs and identify subject matter experts for each HIP to assist with training and coaching.

Develop a plan to increase the use of Open Educational Resources (OER) across all programs at the college and to increase our participation in the Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) consortium.

Objective 4:

Fully realize and then assess the proactive advising model.

Conduct an in-depth assessment of the proactive advising model, making adjustments as needed.

Objective 5:

Increase adjunct faculty/instructor engagement to promote innovation and foster effective collaboration among college staff and faculty.

Create professional development opportunities specifically designed for and by adjunct faculty.