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5th All Media Juried Exhibition

May 31 – June 28, 2018

5th All Media Juried Exhibition 5th All Media Juried Exhibition 5th All Media Juried Exhibition 5th All Media Juried Exhibition 5th All Media Juried Exhibition 5th All Media Juried Exhibition 5th All Media Juried Exhibition 5th All Media Juried Exhibition 5th All Media Juried Exhibition 5th All Media Juried Exhibition

In 2009 the first All Media Juried Exhibition ushered in a new exhibition format for the gallery. That first show featured a dynamic and diverse array of works from artists across our region. This time around is just as exciting as it was then. The show is spontaneous and participatory in ways that other exhibitions the gallery produces are not. We do not know who will submit work or how many works there will be to choose from, but we always expect something wonderful to happen in the process. This year, thirty-seven artists participated in the process, and a total of seventy-seven works were submitted for consideration. Kathrine Lovell, our juror chose forty-four works for this exhibition. I would like to thank Kathrine for being our juror. As an artist, educator, and curator she brings unique insight and temperament to the jury process. She teaches, takes commissions, and works on projects that are specifically designed for reproduction. Formerly a designer and scene painter at Trinity Repertory Company in Providence, she currently teaches adult classes in decorative arts at the Newport Art Museum. She is committed to the process, to the time it takes to make something, the need to be true to oneself, and is always thinking about how to combine creativity, process, and the business of art in a way that is satisfying.

Kathleen Hancock

Over the years I have juried many shows, and it is always exciting to see the vast variety of work that gets submitted. Every show has its own thematic parameter, but this show is the kind I like best, artists bringing in the best of what they've created to be judged alongside their peers and colleagues. This means there are lots of different ideas in the room, like lots of different, interesting conversations between artists and viewers. What fun to see so many ideas about color, form, line, pattern, size, media, and concept! I am amazed to see what has been fashioned in my own neighborhood while I've been thinking my own thoughts in my own studio. This show was easy to choose works for, because there is so much good work and interesting work. I found myself wanting to add a lot of creations to my personal collection. What we ended up with is a show that I think holds together by color, for sure, and somewhat by mood, the works all kind of sing together. Thank you to everyone who participated by submitting work (which is a brave thing to do, no matter how long you've been making and showing). The creative force is within all of us as a thoroughly human experience, within this show it can be seen as a dynamic energy that is transcendent, life affirming, vulnerable, revealing, humorous, and strong.

Kathrine Lovell

Award Recipients
The Juror's Award Recipients this year are Lindsey Epstein, Marcia Goodwin, Germana Rodrigues, and Gregory Sampl.
An exhibition of their work will be featured during the month of March 2019 in the gallery.

The cash prize is awarded to Sarah Brilhante.


Matthew Kreher

Boyz Club

B.L. Green


Susan Strauss

Crossing the River

Linda DiFrenna

In the Dead of Night
Nude #3

William Kendall

Pink Thunder

Gail Marie Nauen

Celastrus Orbiculatus #3

Phillip J. Mellen

Arcane Heart
Yellow Country Teeth
Double Joint

Laura Carlson


Lorene Sweeney

Traces of Europe

Gregory Sampl

School Street Porch
Table and Glass

James Constantine

Hay Baler #1

Mary Dondero

Black Berry Brambles

Marion Wilner

Cliff Walk

Andrew J. Marshall

Squirt Gun

Bhen Alan

Landscape of Gold

Michael R. Moniz


Ron Lister

Memory of Arizona

Duvall Skerritt


Richard Creighton

American Beach Carrot 1
American Beach Carrot 2

Wanda Perkowska Coderre


Kate Carreiro

Grace Under Pressure

Michael Cabral

Who is Your God?

Germana Rodrigues

Within Fungi

Sarah Brilhante


Lindsey Epstein

Shades of Blue
Jade Crystalline Platter
Nickel Crystalline Teardrop

Marcia Goodwin

As Above-So Below II
Realus Revealed II

Amy Araujo


Mary N. Hurwitz

Toe Shoes
Dustpan and Brush

Laura Franco


Josh Napolitano

Golden Geometry

Tania Vasconcelos

Me vs Myself
Safety in Numbers

Chris Cox

Reindeer Scale 3 Arcade Edition AP/12