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Lindsey Epstein
Marcia Goodwin
Germana Rodrigues
Gregory Sampl

An Exhibition of Work by the Winners of the 5th All Media Juror's Choice Award

March 7 – April 5, 2019

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This exhibition is an opportunity for us to see more from the winners of the 5th All Media Juror's Choice Award. Our All Media Juried Exhibition, a recurring event, is a spontaneous and lively exhibition. We do not know who will submit work or how many works there will be to choose from, but we always expect something wonderful to happen in the process. Last summer, thirty-seven artists participated in the process and a total of seventy-seven works were submitted for consideration. Kathrine Lovell, our juror chose forty-four works for that exhibition.

In addition to curating a dynamic and interesting exhibition, Kathrine Lovell chose four artists for the prestigious Juror's Choice Award—an exhibition in our gallery. The recipients this time around are Lindsey Epstein, Marcia Goodwin, Germana Rodrigues, and Gregory Sampl. The gallery is pleased to feature an exhibition of their work.

As Kathrine wrote in her statement about last summer's show, that although,

"Every show has its own thematic parameter, …this show is the kind I like best, artists bringing in the best of what they've created to be judged alongside their peers and colleagues. This means there are lots of different ideas in the room, like lots of different, interesting conversations between artists and viewers."
This new exhibition is a microcosm of last summer's show; four disparate voices in conversation with each other.

Lindsey Epstein is a ceramist who came to clay by accident. She was studying to become a veterinarian at UVM and unexpectedly found herself living with a group of students involved with clay. That experience sparked her interests and ultimately proved to be pivotal in her education. She ended up studying ceramics at UMASS Dartmouth and since that time has been making and selling her work nationally and internationally.

Epstein has written,
"Clay possesses the remarkable ability to take on any form imagined by its creator. It can be pulled, stretched, spun, twisted, molded, and filled into new shapes to take on a new life and use. Its final state can be functional, decorative, or some combination thereof. However, a certain level of skills and knowledge are required to be able to achieve the desired outcome.

I have enjoyed exploring the limits of clay, only to find that there are few. One 'unsuccessful' result actually leads to something amazing upon further discovery. My work represents a small sampling of clay techniques and forms to demonstrate some of these discoveries."
Marcia Goodwin, also a graduate of the MFA Program at UMASS Dartmouth, garnered her graduate degree later in life. She began higher education as a math and science major and along the way had a family and a career which took her away from her studies. When she went back to school, during a time in which career options for women were somewhat limited, she chose to study Education and Fine Arts. As many of us throughout our lives, she juggled the commitments of family and job but found time to pursue making art, especially printmaking. Marcia completed her master's program in 2016. She continues to work in her studio.

Of her work she has written,
"As a maker, my goal is to create art that can be seen on many levels—the physical, spiritual, scientific, and medical. Work that is alive, art that is vibrational and transmits energy. Spiritual—in that my art becomes my prayers. Scientific—in that I use my interests in biology and physics to explore and translate a visual interpretation. Medical—in the respect that I consider my art to be vibrational medicine, a concept that has evolved through studying alternative healing modalities."
Germana Rodrigues studied illustration and painting at UMASS Dartmouth where she earned her BFA. She also attended Bridgewater State University and earned her MA in Teaching. During the last eighteen years she has been a visual art teacher in a public-school district.

She states,
"I haven't traveled to faraway places, nor stood on mountain tops to experience nature's breathtaking views. My journey to the present came by way of decisions cloistered around my experiences as a woman, wife, mother, and teacher. Art has always remained a constant force in my life and my journey is one traveled full circle to balance these purposeful roles. Living creatively allows me to live fully. Therefore, the visual language became a vehicle to define the inner landscape and a form of relating to and connecting with the authentic me."
Gregory Sampl was born and raised near Hartford, Connecticut, and has lived his entire life in southern New England. He holds a BFA in graphic design from Rhode Island School of Design, and a MAE from UMASS Dartmouth. He came to painting and art-making in general not from a fine art background, but from the study of lettering and graphic design, from an early exposure to Baroque music, and from many years lived as a Christian monk.

Of his work he writes,
"These experiences have developed my sensitivities and formed my aesthetic. Composition is all-important to me. Color, shape, and line are my primary elements, and I orchestrate them as abstract figures, sometimes working with my imagery's narrative aspect, but usually not. I enjoy looking at things—the contemplative gaze, if you will—and watching light fall.

My subject is usually interiors or still-lifes and I try to paint each in the same way, regardless of scale. I am concerned to keep my pictures quiet, yet intense. Beauty, rather than query or comment, is my goal."
I hope you will enjoy the exhibition. There are many elements that frame various sensibilities at play in the works in the gallery. The artists speak with clarity and considered thoughtfulness about living, reflections on our shared humanity, and about the pleasures of observation.

Kathleen Hancock