Bristol’s First Year Experience

What is it?

Bristol Community College’s First Year Experience (FYE) supports the successful academic, social and cultural transition of our students and their families.

The FYE will strengthen your self-advocacy, interpersonal, and personal wellness skills, while also developing your knowledge in the following areas: student support services, technology, academic exploration, career readiness, financial literacy, and Bristol’s policies and procedures.

Bristol’s holistic approach to student development reflects our commitment to student success at Bristol and beyond.

How do I participate in Bristol’s FYE? 

There are a series of topics below that have been identified as essential to Bristol’s FYE. Each topic has a learning outcome and an action item to complete in your first year at Bristol.


Complete Bristol’s mandatory New Student Orientation.

By completing this topic, you will develop an understanding of campus resources.


Learn about Bristol's Online Introduction.

By completing this topic, you will gain an introductory knowledge of learning technologies used at Bristol.

Staying connected to the Bristol community will help you strengthen the skills needed to succeed. Please see some options below on how to complete this topic:

To complete this element, you will need to:

Join one of our student clubs or organizations – or create your own!

Engage with Health Services

Connect with Counseling Services

Attend a workshop on personal wellness and/or attend another community event - click here to see the current programs being offered by our Office of Student & Family Engagement.

We want you to develop an understanding of the academic opportunities & services Bristol has to offer. Please see some options below on how to complete this topic: 

To complete this element, you will need to:  

Meet with your assigned Academic Advisor to discuss your academic, career, transfer, and personal goals.  

Did you know? You can find out who your academic advisor is by looking on your Degree Works page in accessBCC. You can even click on their name to send them an email! 

Attend a Transfer Services event and/or meet with a transfer counselor. 

Connect with Library & Learning Commons resources - for example, book an appointment with a tutor or a research librarian. 

Enroll in CSS101.

We want you to have the opportunity to apply in-class material to real-world scenarios and develop necessary soft skills for future employment. Please see some options below on how to complete this topic: 

To complete this element, you will need to: 

Enroll in a service-learning course. Ask your advisor about this during your next appointment.

Participate in other community service initiatives on campus, such as the Mobile Food Market.

Below are three ways to complete this topic and by doing so you will discover ways to explore career opportunities & begin to develop skills needed for a successful job search.

Complete the Focus 2 Career Assessment.

Log into your College Central Network account.

Attend a Career Services workshop.

To complete this topic and build financial literacy skills you will need to:

File your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) application.

Make an appointment with a financial aid counselor. You can book your appointments online here.

Did you know? You are assigned a financial aid counselor based on your last name. You can view caseload assignments and identify your counselor by reviewing the Office of Financial Aid’s webpage.

Review the payment plan option we offer.

To complete this topic and learn about the various policies & procedures that impact the Bristol experience, you will need to:

Review your academic program in Bristol’s academic catalog.

Did you know? You can find your academic program by viewing your Degree Works in accessBCC. Click here for a video on how to understand your Degree Works.

Review Bristol’s Student Handbook

Have Questions about Bristol’s First Year Experience?
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