A Message from Chief Mark Nataly, Bristol Police & Preparedness


Dear Bristol Community:

The murder of George Floyd on May 25, 2020, in Minneapolis, vividly reminds us that discrimination and racism still exist in our country. This senseless loss of life is the latest example of police brutality against Black Americans and it has become a catalyst for overdue historical changes in accountability, oversight and social equality within law enforcement. Historically, law enforcement has not done enough to earn the trust of those whom we are sworn to serve. This must change.

The Bristol Community College Police Department strongly condemns the actions of the Minneapolis police officers who caused Mr. Floyd’s death. We are sickened and outraged by their actions. As police officers, we take an oath to serve and protect all citizens with fairness and equality. A cornerstone to community policing is social justice.

As Bristol Community College’s Police Officers, we proudly immerse ourselves into our community so that we can build trustworthy relationships with our students, employees and community members. Bristol officers have received training in Diversity Awareness during the past year so our officers would understand the importance of going about their daily duties without bias and learn to communicate effectively and respectfully with all members of our community. Training and education in this area will continue to be a priority in our department. Bristol officers will treat each encounter with fairness, empathy and respect. Please continue to give Bristol’s police officers the opportunity to earn your trust and confidence.

I ask that you please try not to judge this dedicated department by the inhumane and unlawful behavior of those Minneapolis officers. Our department is committed to address and eliminate systemic injustices in our profession. Bristol’s Police Officers are true advocates for peace, justice and safety for all.

As Chief, I hold our department to a very high standard and insist upon strict adherence to our core values of professionalism, integrity, dedication, excellence and above all respect. We are in solidarity with you the peaceful protestors and demonstrators who seek justice and changes within law enforcement.

On behalf of our College Police, I appreciate the opportunity to serve you and our community. Together we will make things right. Together is the only way to make things right.

Mark Nataly
Chief of Police & Preparedness
Bristol Community College