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2012 Award for Exemplary Student Writing in the Disciplines

The Writing Center is pleased to announce the recipients of the 2012 Award for Exemplary Student Writing in the Disciplines. Each of the recipients represents a division of the College, demonstrating the College's commitment to writing instruction across programs and disciplines. Please contact the Writing Center to view the winning submissions and for information on the selection process.

Division I: Tyrone Smith, "Social Media Murder"

Professor Tom Grady explains that Tyrone's project was "provocative and successful in its limited purpose of applying postmodern theory to a text of his creation; still, it raised as many questions as it answered. What you see here is Tyrone's Culminating Honors Project which better synthesizes the interdisciplinary lenses he's looking through as well as deepens his knowledge of the psychological, sociological and ethical dimensions of this experiment. Most remarkable is the fusion of memoir and research in the writing style. While it reads as effortless—his voice is refreshingly unpretentious--, this tricky combination of styles is the work of a writer willing to take risks. The pay-off is a piece of writing rich with smarts, humor and humility."
Division III: Ricardo Irizarry, "Career Interest: Network Administrator"

Professor Priscilla Grocer found this to be an extraordinary piece of writing. Ricardo did a remarkable job in researching and evaluating a career in Network Administration. 

Division IV: Tracy Pelland, "Orthodontic Therapy's Effects on the Periodontium"

Professor Lynne A. Byers explains that "Tracey's paper was outstanding amongst her peers.  She was able to convey the research data in a well-organized format that supported her thesis statement.  Tracey effectively critiqued data and demonstrated the full understanding of periodontal issues and how this information applies to dental hygiene scope of patient care." 

Division V: Peter Mack, "A Feasibility for an Automatic Window"

According to Instructor Robert Curro, "Peter takes a simple concept based on consumer needs and develops a feasibility report that is well organized, adheres to formal technical writing practices, easy to read and is technical in nature. This report, which would be well received in private industry as a simple model, informs the reader as to what is required from private industry when a new concept is conceived and what steps must be taken prior to a company allocating funds and resources to bring it to market.

Division VI: Alexander O'Neil, "Eyes Forward"

According to Assistant Professor Lara Kradinova, Alex's piece is "a narrative piece that explains in vivid detail what it means to make sense of an experience that initially seems senseless or unfortunate and later turns out to be just the right thing. The student masterfully crafted this captivating piece making sure that the readers root for him and his success while reading it."

Department of Disability Services: Elise M. Kennedy, "Differences Between Being a Special Needs Student in the K-12 System and Being a Special Needs Student at the Postsecondary Level"

Cindy Poore-Pariseau, Coordinator of Disability Services, said she entered Elise's report into the running for an award because of the high level of research she put into the report as well has the excellent product that resulted from her efforts.  Elise has a firm grip on how to research, incorporate references appropriately and respond in a way that reflects her strong command of writing methods.

Not only did Elise exceed my expectations in writing this report, she also produced a piece of work that will benefit current and future BCC students.

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