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2009 Award for Exemplary Student Writing in the Disciplines

The Writing Lab is pleased to announce the recipients of the 2009 Award for Exemplary Student Writing in the Disciplines. Each of the six recipients represents a division of the College, demonstrating the College's commitment to writing instruction across programs and disciplines.

Division I (Division of the Humanities and Education): Zachary Sinkevich 

According to Donnie McGee, Professor of English, Zachary’s writing meets and exceeds the criteria by which she assesses the effectiveness of student writing in her course. In responding to a prompt based on the reading of “The Red Convertible” by Louise Erdrich, Zach was able to create a thoughtful, focused, articulate, and unified response that is eloquent and comprehensive in its delivery, while also using quotes from the story effectively to support the points he makes. His writing also demonstrates the correct use of parenthetical notation and Work Cited entries according to the Modern Language Association, another course objective included on the syllabus.

Division II (Behavioral and Social Sciences): Christina Rozek

Christina Rozek is a home-schooled high school aged student, who has enrolled in college level classes at BCC and RISD.   Her work has stood out this semester for its creativity, asserts Phyllis Wentworth, Associate Professor of Psychology. Christina has an artistic flair, even when she’s writing about something straightforward, such as this essay about short term and long term memory.  In Professor Wentworth’s view this paper stood out for word choice, sentence fluency, and a strong voice.

Division III (Division of Business and Information Management): Valore Tynell

Silvino Ferreira, Associate Professor of Computer Information Systems, writes that technical devices are often difficult topics to discuss, especially when the audience is not technical. Valore’s essay did an excellent job discussing the Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology, its benefits and the ethical issues that it has brought about in a very clear, concise and easy-to-read manner.  The essay remained true to the topic from the introduction to the well-documented conclusion. Especially to the point was the humor added in the final paragraph.  This is an essay that made one think about ethical ramifications of technology in general and RFID in particular. 

Division IV (Division of Health Sciences): Joseph A. Drayton Jr.

In order to be effective Occupational Therapy practitioners, writes Johanna Duponte, Department Chair and Professor of Occupational Therapy, students must understand how profoundly disability can affect people’s lives – their physical abilities and their emotions. Occupational Therapy Assistants must use sensitive communication skills in their interactions with clients, in order to develop trust and rapport. The writing piece submitted by Joseph Drayton is a clear example of therapeutic use of self. While recognizing the nuances of the client’s statements, Joe weighed how his responses were affecting the interaction. This paper is an engaging read. Joe pulls the reader into the client’s life story. Professor Duponte notes that she enjoyed hearing about the client. She also listened for Joe’s learning process, his awareness and his voice.

Division V (Division of Mathematics, Science and Engineering): Del Thurston

Jim Pelletier, Professor of Chemistry, considers that Del Thurston’s writing epitomizes all of the qualities one would hope to find in a complete portfolio both in form and content that would represent the work of a service learning project. This writing could well be used as a model for students who wish to take on a service learning experience.

Division VI (Center for Developmental Education): Efrain Irizarry, Jr.

Denise DiMarzio, Quest Writing Skills Specialist, submitted Efrain’s essay because of the strong, genuine voice in which the story is told.  She thinks this narrative essay opens a window onto the daily life of a student who has had the insight and courage to grow beyond what society has said he should be.   At a young age, this student has been able to see ahead of his years.  As a piece of writing from English 10, a basic writing course,  this essay shows a maturity of thought, strength of presentation, and control over the English language that is unusual and stands out from that of peers in the course.

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