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A Commonwealth Corporation Direct Access Program offered by The Center for Workforce at Bristol Community College.

In Southeastern Mass, one of the main issues that employers express concern over is the challenge of bringing new and current supervisors up to speed with skills needed to succeed in the changing workplace. Most employers are committed to promoting from within; and the lead employees are often promoted because they perform well at their current job tasks. 

Most of these individuals, however, do not have ready leadership skills and often have difficulty adapting to their new role. They now need to manage the performance of workers who used to be their peers. They often lack the skills in delegating, managing performance, and handling workplace conflict as well as navigating the new terrain of coaching, mentoring and negotiating the changing workplace rules around interviewing, leave requests, and hiring/firing, which can hurt productivity and leave the company vulnerable to legal action.  

Bristol has created a new Professional Supervisor Series designed to meet these ongoing needs. 

Training sessions begin in September 2019 and will take place at all Bristol Community College locations. A variety of course scheduling options will be offered throughout the year to maximize flexibility for employers. Contact us today for more information.

Eligibility and Cost

Under the new Small Business Direct Access Program (DAP), the training is free for employers of small businesses in Massachusetts with less than 100 employees and who contribute to the Workforce Training Fund. Companies also must be able to obtain a Certificate of Good Standing from the Mass Department of Revenue.

Businesses with more than 100 employees are not eligible for the Small Business Direct Access Program but may still participate in these courses at 50% discount off the full cost of the program. This option will be available starting in 2020.

Complete this form to find out more, including to confirm your business’s eligibility. The Center for Workforce will assist you with the enrollment process and work with you to enroll in the most convenient schedule.

Available Trainings

The Professional Supervisor

What qualities make a good leader? This 20-hour training course focuses on the important skills fundamental to a leadership position. It provides supervisors, managers, and aspiring leaders with tangible skills that help engage employees in personal, interpersonal, and group settings. Higher engagement translates to higher productivity and an overall happier workforce. Topics include: 

  • The Changing Role of the Supervisor
  • Increasing Supervisory Effectiveness
  • Supervising a Diverse Workforce
  • Performance Management

Effective Coaching & Mentoring 

Not only does today’s supervisor need to know their own particular job from a technical standpoint, but also other’s roles and responsibilities and how to hold them accountable for their performance. Supervisors also play an increasingly critical role in communicating to their team how they fit into the larger system and supports their staff through coaching and mentoring. In this 12-hour training, participants will develop the skills needed to coach their team on how to perform their jobs more efficiently and with improved quality and customer focus. Topics covered will include: 

  • Expectations & Relationship: What Does It Mean to be A Coach/Mentor
  • The Golden Rules of Coaching/Mentoring
  • Honing advanced Communication, Active Listening & Constructive Feedback skills

HR Compliance for Supervisors

An important element to being an effective supervisor is knowing and understanding the human resource compliance aspects of managing direct reports. In today’s work environment with constantly changing regulations, it is vital that supervisors are aware of the basics surrounding workplace policies and labor law governing all aspects of leave, substance abuse policies with the new legalization of marijuana, and the bounds of interviewing, hiring and firing.

These matters, if handled incorrectly, can have a profound effect on company operations and the bottom-line. Human Resource managers struggle to keep up with these changes themselves and find it very challenging to make sure their supervisors understand and are skilled at dealing with various employee relations matters. Topics covered in this 8-hour training include: 

  • Understanding the Role of Supervisors in Supporting Company Policies
  • Creating a Safe and Productive Work Environment
  • Hiring & Firing, Paid & Unpaid Leave
  • Sexual Harassment
  • The State of Marijuana

Take the Next Step

Find out more. Complete this form and the skilled professionals from Bristol's Center for Workforce and Community Education can help you determine if you qualify and help enroll you or your staff. Or, contact us today for more information by phone: 774.357.2527 or by email:

Enroll online. Online enrollment into any of these training opportunities is available here.

This Small Business Direct Access Program is 100% financed by Massachusetts businesses and administered by Commonwealth Corporation (COMMCORP).

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