Cyber Security


Bristol Community College prepares you to enter the workforce as a Cyber Security Professional with our degree program.

Cyber Security IP ImageCyber attacks against U.S. businesses and government have grown in numbers and sophistication in recent years. There has been a boost in demand for skilled workers with a passion for stopping these attacks. 

Qualified cyber security professionals make an average of $96,185 a year according to a December 2018 Census report. 

We need people to protect the information, technology and computer networks that these commercial businesses and government agencies rely on to operate.

All we need you to bring on day one is your passion for fighting white-collar crime.

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Associate in Science in Computer Information Systems, Cyber Security and Digital Forensics Concentration.

Examples of program courses:

  • Preparation for the CompTIA Network+ Exam
  • Hardware Fundamentals
  • Operating System Scripting
  • Introduction to UNIX/Linux and Shell Programming
  • UNIX/Linux System Administration I
  • Networking Technologies
  • Cyber Security Principles
  • Introduction of Computer Forensics
  • Cyber Defense and Firewall Security
  • Operating Systems Vulnerability Management & Risk
  • Critical Security Controls
  • Advanced Computer Forensics
  • Cyber Security and Forensics Seminar


Secure your future!

  • Cyber security focuses on setting up a secure network to control infiltration attempts
  • Digital forensics provides tools to figure out what happened when a security issue has been identified.

Bristol Community College’s Cyber Security and Digital Forensic Concentration can prepare you for critical roles in developing solutions to cyber security problems. The innovative concentration brings together two areas essential to safe and successful computing.

 Students in the program will learn:

  • theoretical concepts of information security,
  • practical problem-solving and prevention,
  • computer forensics skills,
  • setting up a secure network,
  • how to conduct an analysis of computer
  • network equipment
  • and more providing participants with hands-on training.

After Bristol

The associate in science in computer information systems, cyber security and digital forensics concentration,prepares students to enter high-demand roles to protect critical computing functions in all types of organizations, or to transfer to a four-year institution to continue your education.

Bristol Community College participates in the statewide MassTransfer program and has developed many transfer agreements to ease the transfer of credits and help you make the most of your college education. For a complete listing of eligible MassTransfer programs and current Bristol articulation agreements, visit the Transfer Affairs website.

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For more information, please contact: 
Priscilla Grocer
Department Chair, Professor of Computer Information Systems
Phone: 774.357.2403


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