What Your Scores Mean

Your course registration for writing, reading and math are dependent on your placement test scores. Click here for the scoring ranges for each test and the corresponding courses. 

Multiple Measures Policy

Most students need to take a placement exam to determine course placement.  Here at Bristol, there are alternate ways to demonstrate you are ready for college.  Review the list below for potential exemption. 




 Course Placement/Exemption 


 0 – 4 

 5 – 8 

 ENG 090 

 ENG 101 






 RDG 080 

 RDG 090 



 (Quantitative Reasoning, Algebra & Statistics) 




 Competency Not Met 

 Introductory Algebra Competency 

 Introductory & Intermediate Algebra Competency 


 ACT English 


 Exempt from Accuplacer WritePlacer & Reading exams 

 ACT Math 


 Exempt from Accuplacer QAS exam 


 High School GPA (Grade Point Average) 

 Math Placement 


 2.7 GPA 


 High school graduation within 3 years 

 Exempt from Accuplacer QAS exam 

 High School GPA (Grade Point Average) 

 English Placement 


 2.7 GPA 


 High school graduation within 10 years 

 Exempt from Accuplacer WritePlacer & Reading exams 


 SAT Evidence-Based Reading and Writing 


 *prior to SAT Test date-03/2016: 



 Exempt from Accuplacer WritePlacer & Reading exams 



 SAT Math 




 Exempt from Accuplacer QAS exam* 

 *only for examinees who took the SAT after March 2016