Test of Essential Academic Skills (ATI TEAS)

The ATI TEAS is a required test for students applying to Nursing and Dental Hygiene. The ATI TEAS measures basic essential skills in the academic content area domains of reading, mathematics, science and English and language usage. 

These entry level skills were deemed important for health science program applicants by a panel of subject matter experts. Learn more about TEAS.

The exam is computerized and comprised of four timed sections:

  • Reading:  53 questions – 64 minutes
  • Math:  36 questions – 54 minutes
  • Science:  53 questions – 63 minutes
  • English and Language Usage:  28 questions – 28 minutes

Scheduling an Exam

To register for the TEAS test, go to www.atitesting.com, create an account, and then select “Register for TEAS.”

  • For registration assistance, contact ATI at (800) 667-7531. Payment is made online directly to Assessment Technologies Institute (ATI) at the time of scheduling.
  • The fee is $80.00 and non-refundable.
  • If examinees are unable to keep their original appointment, they must contact ATI (800) 667-7531 at least 48 hours prior to the scheduled test date. Failure to do so will require an additional testing fee.

Accommodation Requests

To request testing accommodations due to a documented disability, contact your BCC learning specialist.

If you are not a current BCC student, register with the office of Disability Services by contacting 774.357.2295 or odsaccess@bristolcc.edu.

Test Results/Retests


  • Examinees must achieve a total score of 50% or higher. 
  • Sixty (60) days must elapse between the original test date and the retake. 
  • Test results that are more than three (3) years old from the test date will not be accepted.
  • Examinees who have taken the TEAS at another institution must have an official copy of the test results sent to the Admissions Office. This may be requested through Assessment Technologies Institute.

Additional Information

1. If you took the test prior to August 31, and need to re-test, use the following study materials:

Because of the content updates that occurred for the ATI TEAS, the TEAS V preparation materials will not provide the tester with a comprehensive overview of the topics assessed. Individuals preparing for the ATI TEAS will want to purchase the ATI TEAS preparation materials.

2. If you are testing on or after August 31, 2016 you will study for the ATI TEAS.

3. There are two different TEAS tests. Here are the differences:

The ATI TEAS will be similar in difficulty level to the previous version of the TEAS. Content updates were made to align with current education standards deemed important for entry level health science applicants to possess.

4. Calculator use is permitted, but you cannot bring your own:

The ATI TEAS, being released August 31, 2016, will allow for the use of a four function calculator. Please do not bring your own calculator as a calculator will be embedded within the online version of the exam.