Termination of Employment



An employee who wishes to resign from his/her position should address a letter of resignation to the President of the college and submit it to his/her immediate supervisor. It is expected that:

  • Classified employees will submit his/her letter of resignation at least two (2) weeks prior to the time of termination
  • Unit Professional and Non-Unit Professional employees will submit their letter of resignation at least a month in advance
  • Faculty and Adjunct Faculty will submit their letter of resignation in time to allow the college to find a replacement and not disrupt student progress

Termination for Cause

An employee may be terminated for incompetence or misconduct. Such termination is subject to procedures for discipline as indicated in the appropriate agreements negotiated between the Board of Higher Education and:

Probationary Period

New employees serving a probationary period may be terminated at will.

Grant Funded Positions

Persons employed under grant funds are subject to termination for cause as described above. In addition, they cannot continue to be employed when the funding for the grant ceases.

Relevant Laws, Guidelines & Policies

AFSCME 1067 Official 2014-2017 Contract (for Classified Employees)

MCCC Day Contract (for Faculty & Unit-Professional Positions)

Agreement for Division of Continuing Education (DCE) between MA BHE and MCCC (for Adjunct Faculty)

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