Sick, Vacation, Personal and Family Medical Leave


Eligibility for Sick Leave, Vacation Leave, Personal Leave, and Family Medical Leave is dependent upon the position classification and terms of the relevant collective bargaining agreement or other agreement. For a summary of available sick, vacation, personal, and family medical leave, please select the appropriate position classification below:

Adjunct Faculty are eligible for family medical leave and sick leave, but are not eligible for vacation leave or personal leave. For a summary of available family medical, leave for this position classification, click here.

Part-time employees are eligible for family medical leave and sick leave but are not eligible for vacation leave. For a summary of available family medical leave for this position classification, click here.

For detailed information on sick leave, vacation leave, personal leave, and family medical leave, see:

Use of Sick Leave

Sick leave may be used by an employee for personal illness or injury. Sick leave may also be used in limited amounts when there is an illness of a spouse, child, parent of either spouse, or relatives living in the same house.

Under normal circumstances, employees are expected to notify their supervisor at least one hour prior to the beginning of their report time. In every instance, staff should give notice as soon as possible.

The President or designee may require submission of satisfactory medical evidence of illness or injury if he/she has reason to believe sick leave is being abused. 

Extended Sick Leave

Classified employees who are ill and have exhausted all leave credits may be eligible for up to sixty (60) days annually of Extended Sick Leave. Eligibility is described in their collective bargaining agreement. Requests for such leave must be submitted to the Bristol Community College President through the Office of Human Resources. Approval is at the sole discretion of the Bristol Community College President.

Sick Leave Bank

Unit Professionals, Non-Unit Professionals, and Faculty may join a Sick Leave Bank. The enrollment period is annually during the month of October. At the time of enrollment in the Sick Leave Bank an employee is required to contribute a day of sick leave to the bank. If through use the Sick Leave Bank is in need of additional days, members of the bank will be asked to contribute an additional day. Use of the Sick Leave Bank and the eligibility requirements are in the negotiated collective bargaining agreements or policy handbook.

Use of Vacation Leave

Employees may request Vacation Leave when it becomes available. Requests should be made at least twenty-four (24) hours in advance to the immediate supervisor. Use of Vacation Leave shall be granted unless, in the appointing authority's opinion, it is impossible or impractical to do so because of work schedules or emergencies. Use of Vacation Leave which extends over a period of several days or a week or more should, if possible, be requested well in advance so that proper coverage can be planned during the employee's absence. Vacation Leave may not be charged in less than one-fourth (1/4) hour units.

Relevant Laws, Guidelines & Policies

AFSCME 1067 Official 2014-2017 Contract (for Classified Employees)

MCCC Day Contract (for Faculty & Unit-Professional Positions)

Agreement for Division of Continuing Education (DCE) between MA BHE and MCCC (for Adjunct Faculty)

Non-Unit Professionals Policy Handbook (for Non-Unit Professionals)

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