Medical Emergency Procedures


If someone on the Bristol Community College campus requires immediate medical attention, immediately call or have someone call Campus Police x3911or 911 (local authorities) to report the medical emergency.  If you call 911 directly, please notify the Campus Police x3911 as well. Provide the following information when reporting a medical emergency:

  • Type of injury
  • Building designation (letter) and the exact location of the victim
  • Condition of the victim
  • Identity of the victim (if possible)
  • Suspected or known cause of the injury or illness
  • Any dangerous conditions
  • Provide first aid and medical assistance as necessary, if trained
  • Follow instructions of the Emergency Dispatcher
  • Do not move the victim, unless they are in immediate danger

Campus Police will contact the employee’s emergency contact to inform him/her of the medical emergency and the whereabouts of the employee.

An employee who suffers a medical emergency at work must submit satisfactory evidence of his/her ability to return to work to the Office of Human Resources. This evidence should indicate when the employee was seen, diagnosis, and when the employee can return to work without restrictions. No employee may return to work after a medical emergency on the job without satisfactory medical evidence of his/her ability to work. At the college’s discretion, the Office of Human Resources may arrange for the employee to meet with the college’s Physician.

Relevant Contacts

Campus Police

x2218 (non-emergency)
x3911 (Emergency)

Office of Human Resources

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