Indoor Air Quality


Providing a healthy, comfortable learning environment for students, employees and visitors is important to Bristol Community College. Indoor air quality (IAQ) is a critical component of providing a healthy and comfortable learning environment.  Bristol Community College has implemented an Indoor Air Quality Management Plan for all buildings. The objectives of this Plan are the following.

  • Reduce the levels of indoor air pollutants through preventive measures such as routine maintenance activities, periodic building evaluations and inspections, and IAQ-specific policies
  • Provide and maintain adequate air exchanges by repairing and maintaining ventilation equipment, which will promote a comfortable and healthy learning and working environment
  • Respond to IAQ related concerns and problems in a thorough and prompt manner, and to effectively communicate the progress of investigations and their resolution to all interested parties

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Bristol Indoor Air Quality Complaint Form

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Bristol Indoor Air Quality Management Plan

Bristol Indoor Air Quality Occupant Interview

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