Bristol Community College

Bristol Community College

The eHealth experience

BCC eHealthCareers offers beautiful, modern facilities featuring engaging interactive labs, hands-on clinicals, and bright learning spaces where students can practice, discover, and grow. Offering the latest in technology, it provides students with a 360-degree experience in their chosen career.

How does it work?

eHealthCareers students learn in a hybrid format that fits their lives. With more learning done online than in a traditional classroom, our students have the opportunity to get educated and be set on a path to a new career without sacrificing time for family or work.During this time, you’ll gain real-life experience and training from healthcare professionals in our state-of-the-art labs and classrooms.

Who goes to eHealth?

Our hybrid learning system allows you the flexibility to get an education on your time. Whether you’re a busy parent, a working adult, a time-strapped teen, or perhaps just living a hectic life…eHealthCareers is designed to work for you!

All About eHealth