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Chat Transcript - September 28, 2010

Please note that this is an unedited transcript. By its nature, misspellings, abbreviations, and grammatical errors are part of this type of synchronous communication. The views expressed below are those of the participant and not necessarily of Bristol Community College. Comments from President John Sbrega are labeled prez.

prez: Hi Everyone, What is on your mind today?

bluebird: good morning. I wondered if you could tell me how the demographics of the college have changed since you began at BCC and how BCC is addressing those changes.

prez: Hi Bluebird: Thank you for this interesting question. One of the most successful initiatives is the celebration of diversity at BCC by making minorities and women and all categories feel welcome and appreciated at BCC. Another interesting change from the past has been the increase of "traditional age" students; that is, students who recently graduated from high school. Of course, we still attract the returning adult population. Finally, another shift over the past decade has been the increase of students taing full-time course loads.

magic: Hello -- what are we discussing today?

fnm: how is the ban on smoking coming along

prez: Welcome Magic: we have open topics. Anything on your mind?

bluebird: many smokers along the pond

fnm: it has been a big improvement at the entrance of buildings

magic: It seems like there has been a good attitude about the ban, anyway. I haven't seen anyone smoking on the core campus. People do seem to expanding the borders from Elsbree Street.

prez: Bluebird: There should be NO smokers anywhere on the Campus. Do they travel to the Far Side of the Pond to be undetected? Anyone who sees someone smoking should remind that person of our College rule

prez: Magic: we'll have to be ever-vigilent about thos "expanding Borders."

fnm: with the proposed new building in the works are there any plans to expand parking

bluebird: They smoke right behind the building AND along the path. When I walk the path, I don't say anything becaues I do not want to be a patrolman, but can we put signs along that area, for students AND staff?

kels44: if i was accepted for this year but didnt get to go can i enter second semester?

prez: fnm: yes, we must continue to monitor our parking needs. The Building, I hope, will attract more students--and they need parking. We are already very tight--as I'm sure you know.

prez: bluebird: please don't be shy about reminding people about the policy. But thank you for the suggestion about signs along the Pond.

prez: kels44: Yes, that should be OK, but please do consult our Admissions Office well beforehand. Also you will need to make an appointment with an Advisor to develop your Spring course schedule.

bluebird: thank you for telling me about the changing demographics. My daughter and I both attend BCC and have been very pleased. My daughter has dyslexia and I have bipolar disorder as well as a learning disability. I noticed you did not mention students with disabilities in your discussion above. It seems like everywhere there are students like me. It is great

prez: Bluebird: Sorry, I did mention protected categories (including many such categories). The changing demographics do include a sharp increase in the requests for support services. Thanks for the reminder.

Friend: Good morning! I'd like to suggest having another trash barrel close to Elsbree Street. Since some students/staff now go there, it would be helpful to have a trash bin, too.

cris: Type hereThe Dean of the Business Dept. has announced her retirement. How long will it take to replace her and what will be done in the meantime?

prez: Friend: Thank you for this great suggestion.

prez: cris: The job announcement for this position is being drafted--but, of course, any final decisions about this position will be up to the VP of Academic Affairs.

cris: Will there be an acting person appointed?

cris: That VP is Ms Garrett?

prez: cris: I'm sure VP Garrett will be announcing the "Plan of Attack" in due course.

fnm: President Sbrega, I would like to thank you for expanding BCC's presence in Attleboro. I have spoken to many students who have benefitted from this expansion. I would reccommend further expanding course offerings in Attleboro, we are indeed filling a critical need for hr education in that area.

prez: Hi fnm: Thank you for these kind words. The Attleboro Community continues to be very grateful--and very supportive to have our BCC presence there. Yes, we would like to expand courses and FULL academic programs there--and, particularly, the academic support servcies to go with that expanding enrollment. It is a fabulous initiative.

fnm: In you opening day speech you mentioned the plan for hiring 10 new faculty members, are there plans in place to hire faculty specifically for the campuses in Attleboro and New Bedford

prez: fnm: Yes, we look forward to expanding our f/t faculty ranks. I have always maintained that all BCC employees are employed by the COLLEGE and not a specific CAMPUS. The needs of the College must be paramount.

cris: The Health care initiative is advertising for students in the Cape Cod paper. Do you think Cape Cod Com. College will be upset by this "poaching" on their territory?

prez: cris: I'm not sure about the "poaching." This is a new initiative--with a new format (and new fee structure), so I don't think it infringes on Cape Cod CC's (or other CCs) territory. We'll have to see how it unfolds.

fnm: Not sure that I should respond but the program's design and delivery is unique and sets us apart

Friend: Massasoit recently advertised in the Standard Times for their new center in Middleboro.

fnm: it will be a good idea to share with the campus community about plans for the sci and tech building. Many of us are excited about the project and would like to know more about it

prez: fnm: The BCC Open Meetings, convened by VP Steve Kenyon, are designed specifically to welcome input from our College community. Please do participate. At this point, we are still in the Information-Gathering stage of the project--and a variety of opinions/suggestions have been made. Please do NOT put a label on it yet--such as Tech Bldg, or Science Bldg. All this remians still open for discussion.

magic: Have you noticed that more students are spending time on the Fall River campus?

prez: Magic: Yes, I think this is so (but this is only my opinion and NOT a data-driven decision). With more events plus the still-fairly-new Cyber Cafe, I think students are staying around before/after class.

cris: Friday's are still pretty much ghost days, irtually no one on campus. It is a shame to waste this resource. Any plans for beefing up Friday campus use?

prez: Hi Cris: Yes, I have asked VP Garrett and the Academic Deans to expand the "Block" course offerings on Fridays so that the day is "filled." This MIGHT also be considered an early start for our Weekend College (I hope).

prez: Cris: RE: Fridays, too: I hope that some full-time faculty will consider teaching some of those Friday Blocks.

cris: Thanks Prez.

cool_dude: Hello

prez: Hello Cool Dude: Anything you'd like to discuss???

cool_dude: re-cycling

prez: Cool Dude: what are your suggestions? We are eager to further strengthen the wonderful Sustainability measures that we are already taking at BCC. But there is always room for more savings.

cool_dude: where do re-cyclables get recycled? i don't see re-cyclable containers for paper, cardboard, plastic bottles, cans, etc. am i missing something?

prez: Cool Dude: I think we do have separate containers for bottles/cans (BLUE) and for paper (and even CONFIDENTIAL documents) and for trash.

cool_dude: i see vending machines, selling soft drinks in bottles that have a deposit value. is there an organization or network that saves these returnable bottles and gets them to a recycle center to get those nickels that each container is worth? i see the cans and bottles bins in the commonwealth center but not in other buildings where there are vending machines.

prez: Cool Dude: Great ideas. I shall pass them along to all the appropriate people.

cool_dude: thanks prez!

Enter_Name_here: Good morning

prez: Name: Welcome. We missed you.

prez: 13: welcome.

ncollins13: Hello

ncollins13: I just wanted to say something about the no smoking on campus policy if you don't mind

prez: 13: please do.

ncollins13: is there anyway with enough support to put desnignated areas on campus for people to smoke. I mean for one thing I don't think it looks good for people to drive pass BCC and see a bunch of people standing out there smoking

ncollins13: not everyone drives and to make to elsebree street and back in 15 minuets and not be late to class is almost impossible, these area could be a designated area in all the parking lots, that way there is atlease one close to every building, but far enough away where it would not bother the people who don't smoke

prez: 13: we had much discussion about "Designated Areas," but troubles about enforcement (it is one thing to be entirely OFF the Campus and quite another to be ON the Campus--and enforcing that rule) and the expense (all-weather needs) and the Health concerns (2nd-hand smoke) all helped us move to the Ban.

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