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Chat Transcript - October 24, 2008

Prez > Hi Everyone,

Prez > What is on your mind???

LeeDeTerra > hello everyone

LeeDeTerra > hows it goin

LeeDeTerra PRIVMSG prez how are u sir

LeeDeTerra > so cold out there i hate the cold

magicmaker > good morning!

StudentFirst > What is the college doing about the impending budget cuts? How do you decide what services to cut when we are understaffed and underfunded?

Matt > Hi

Matt > i have a question i am seeking sponsorship for this 2008 racing season could you help me with getting sponsorship? Im not sure where to start

Prez > StudentFirst The budget cuts will be handled in ways to protect our 2 top priorities (1) no layoffs of BCC personnel and (2) no harm to the quality of instruction and instructional support. These are our main goals.

Prez > Matt What racing season?

Matt > the 2009 racing season at seekonk speedway

Prez > Matt I'm sorry that I can't be of much help to you. Certainly this does not fall under the category of our "Main Thing" at BCC. I do wish you luck, however, as you seek this funding support.

StudentFirst > That's great that there will be no layoffs. Will there be raises to the amount of fees students pay?

Prez > SF I am delighted to report that my discussions with the trustees are moving in the direction of no fee increases for Spring Semester. How the future unfolds , of course, will affect matters next year.

StudentFirst > Are there any plans to announce what has been cut and how that affects the college? Going to the human resources page, there are some jobs available. Can you hire new staff when the state is in this crisis? How do you decide what area gets staff and others don't? It seems like there are many offices that are understaffed.

Pumpkin > Good morning,

Mo_Sowa > Good Morning to all

Pumpkin > What are we doing to get the word out about energy conservation? Why do so many students and professors leave lights on in empty classrooms?

Mo_Sowa > Often the lights are left on because we are followed immediately by another class

Prez > SF Each position vacancy is analyzed on a case-by-case basis. Most of the jobs you see are either grant-funded or BCC Foundation-funded. We will continue to monitor the situation. One priority besides these "eternal" funds will be if the proposed position can contibute in some way to enhancing our revenue streams.

Mo_Sowa > I try to leave them on as a measure of respect to the students who are in the next class who have already entered the classroom as I am leaving

StudentFirst > I have a friend who is a work study, and the area she works in is very understaffed for full time persons. What is the criteria for who gets a new hire and who doesn't?

Prez > Pumpkin & Mo (don't use your real name!!!) I want to compile a list of energy-saving, cost-saving activities that our BCC Family can undertake.

StudentFirst > What happens if the grant runs out or the BCC Foundation runs out of money? Competing resources in trying times is a difficult balance. Can you hire someone and then have to let them go because the funds ran out? It just seems really scary.

Prez > SF I think my answer above crossed with your question about employment.

StudentFirst > It actually takes more energy to turn the lights on and off than to leave them on. Using energy efficient light bulbs is a better way to conserve.

StudentFirst > I think it crossed, too.

misyy > hello

magicmaker > I think we have to be careful not to let the grim news in our general society affect how we act and treat each other and try not to let the general fear in the marketplace cross over into our community.

misyy > hello

misyy > there

stormy > Good morning to all

stormy > Thank you, prez for the use of technology

StudentFirst > Is there any plans to get the word out about the capital campaign? Magicmaker I think the general fear of the marketplace has crossed over into the college community since most of us live in the general marketplace and what happens affects us all. Talking about it brings about education and what can we do in regards to what is being done.

misyy > /* C=007c00 B=true */i just dont like the way the economy is today

Prez > MM Thank you for this important point. We will weather this storm much more effectively if we can keep our unity--and continue to further strengthen civility at this College. I am already hearing reports about divisiveness and layoffs at some of our sister institutions.

stormy > I would love to see Economics 15 offered--Consumer Economics

stormy > I think it would really help folks

StudentFirst > As a poor student, I am worried about rising costs, in terms of personal aspects and my college career. Financial aid has been cut for some of my friends. I can read about it in the paper and watch the news, but this is real time, so to speak.

Prez > Misyy I am not sure any of us like it. Nevertheless, we must face the realities of this cruel world. Also, one important lesson I have learned (mostly from my pilot experience) is to never ever say " Nothing more can go wrong!" Whenever someone says that, inevitably an enginge flames out.

misyy > /* C=007c00 B=true */it was cut for me and i am really getting sick and tired of low enrollment

stormy > Something else can ALWAYS go wrong!!

cat > Good morning Mr. Presdient I respect you in many ways and you are respected in the community outside of the college as well. I respect the fact that you care enough about your staff at BCC to do everything that you can to avoid layoffs. There is a lot to be said when a President takes this stance. I know the employees and students appreciate it.

StudentFirst > What about a seminar over in G about the economy and students and what we can do and what is out there to help, or hinder for that matter.

misyy > /* C=007c00 B=true */we should get something for it at least if you have only 2 claeese to complete

Pumpkin > Turning lights on and off does not use more energy...that's an old wives' tale. And I didn't mean for someone to turn off lights if students were in there. I have gone by rooms totally empty with all of the lights burning brightly. Those are the things that I think we should consider.

stormy > ECN 15 is already on the books, would give students academic credit plus knowledge of how to act as a responsible consumer in today's complex economy

sunday > how will the college operate effectively if empty positions are not filled? How will students be served?

Chris_Shannon > I think the point about doing more to better educate our students and faculty/staff in financial literacy can help allay fears and provide some concrete solutions. There are FREE curricula available, as well as unbiased professionals willing to train in these materials.

Prez > Misyy I am not sure of the connection with low enrollment? What does this mean?

stormy > Great point, Chris...I think sometimes free curricula about the economy, credit, etc get overwhelmed by the daily grind of life--classes, work, kids, etc....a class is a defined period in which the student is "captured.

stormy > Maybe we could be "green

stormy > and do it as an online course

Chris_Shannon > I would be willing to provide a financial literacy workshop in G to provide very basic information (budgeting, needs vs wants, credit tools, debt tools, etc), and perhaps bring in others in the profession.

cat > I have heard that the community college enrollment is growing and getting busy for them since so many students are unable to attend universities due to expense. Is BCC seeing this enrollment increase they are talking about in the news?

Prez > ALL There have been no financial aid cuts to students--unless a student's course l;oad dwindled from full-time status. No one else who has received financial aid has suffered any reduction.

Chris_Shannon > I would also be willing to discuss this further with you, Prez, in a more strategic way so that can provide this information proactively and consistently rather than reactively.

Mccain2008 > GO MCCAIN

StudentFirst > Maybe the unbiased professionals could donate some of their time to help students understand this complex economy. All I know is I am making the same amount of money and costs are rising and there is nothing to trim from the budget. THAT is what is scary. And I am not the only student going through this.

Chris_Shannon > Student First--That is scary and does require adjustments in your spending and your budget. Come see me in the Tech Prep office (C202) if you want to talk further offline.

Prez > Sunday The answer to your question about positions lies in the flexibility afforded through the case-by-case approach. I am resisting any call for an absolute FREEZE on hiring for that basic reason.

Chris_Shannon > (PS--I do this because I care, not because I make money off of it!) -)

Prez > CAT All of the state CCs did experience enrollment increases--and undoubtedly some are reelated to the situation you cite. We are providing access to educational opportunity just as our mission requires. In this time of fiscal uncertainty across society, we CCs are providing one solid solution.

sunday > interesting; are hiring managers aware of the case by case scenerio and that there are not absolute hiring freezes?

StudentFirst > I think we all care that is why we are here. I will definitely try and get by your office. I have to go to class, but this was great. Prez, please keep up the good work, and keep busy people like me informed. Have a good day!

Prez > SUNDAY Yes, they had better be aware of it. But you should know that the "hiring managers" still have to receive approval from some College officials (including me) for each position.

cat > Thank you for the response Mr. President, I am looking forward to my graduation here this upcoming spring. BCC has improved who I am in many ways. It has taken me three years, but it has been well worth it, even without any financial aid assistance, I have done it all out of pocket! I am glad that BCC is here to help our community! Thank you and keep up the good work and communication Mr. President.!

dallen PRIVMSG prez I lost connection and came back in. Did I help?

Prez > ALL Thank you for the advice about an economics primer as well as "green" tips. I shall pursue both of these ideas.

Prez > Chris This is your first chat. You are supposed to be annonymous!!! But thank you for your generous offer.

stormy > I forgot to be anonymous also -)

prez PRIVMSG dallen .Dave Thanks for the info. The problem shifted to W/S positions.

Chris_Shannon > How can I help if folks don't know who I am? Besides, I stand by my comments. -)

stormy > Are we closer to a full web-based degree? I think that is the ultimate in "greening" the campus

stormy > Maybe BCC should have a "Virtual BCC Campus"

Prez > Stormy (anonymous) Yes, Thank you. We already have 2 associate degrees on-line Computer Programming and Multi-media internet. We also have "80% on-line" programs Accounting and Business. Plans are afoot for some other on-line curriculum projects (probably with some form of hands-on requirements) as opposed to a full on-line degree.

Prez > Stormy We have been discussing the creation of a virtual campus and all that it would entail.

stormy > I understand that there are some complex issues involved but it does seem to be a logical step in moving to a more responsible use of energy. If the technology is there to make it possible, then I think there are faculty who would embrace the idea

stormy > I was aware of the two degrees (seemed like logical approach) but I was thinking about some other programs--specifically General Studies....

stormy > There are so many really neat tools on the web--some for free that I think that development is possible

STUDENT101 > what is the chat about...?

STUDENT101 > prez...?

STUDENT101 > anyone?

STUDENT101 > okk then

Prez > Stormy Yes, Thank You. We are looking at all of these curriculum options. I am sure you are aware of the outstanding work of April and Jo-Ann P is supporting our eLearning activities. One issue is that many degrees require a science lab.

Chris_Shannon > Student 101 Discussions have included "greeing" the campus and programming (and online options) and the economy and its potential impact on BCC staff/programming.

mkante12 > greetings

STUDENT101 > thank you...

Prez > Student 101 Welcome We're out here in cyberspace waiting for you!!! We are currently talking about eLearning as well as the budget.

Chris_Shannon > -)

Prez > Chris Keep smiling!!!

stormy > There are institutions nationwide that have developed lab courses for non-science majors that apparently are effective...the League for Innovation highlighted some in one of their technology conference.....our eLearning and IT folks are the BEST and deserve the applause of ALL on this campus...

stormy > Thank you for your response, "prez"

Prez > Stormy Thanks for the info about national practices. I shall ask the appropriate people to look into this. One other issue with on-line labs is the attitude of our 4-year colleagues in learning to accept them as transfer.

mkante12 > That's good to know

STUDENT101 > well...i know this really is off topic, but i'm wondering why we do not have a second exit for emergency purposes.? Last time we had a "snow storm" people were waiting for hours to just get out of the parking lot.

Prez > Student 101 Thanks for this message. I have been trying (esp. after 9/11) to arrange a "back exit" onto Rt. 24, but I have had no success. Some key legislators have reminded me (whenever I approach them) of the enormous cost and effort to TRY to get an exit further up Rt 24 for the industrial expansion (stop & shop distribution center). It does not look promising. In the meantime, I know how inconvenient these snow diasporo activities can be.

stormy > Perhaps, a rolling release would help?

stormy > and coordination with Connolly and Durfee?

student103 > yes that's a great idea stormy

guy > /* C=007c00 */Another new topic Any chance of bring back Honors Night or something similar, even if faculty/staff/students/guests had to pay some or all of the costs? The replacement awards ceremony is ok, but it's not the same social atmosphere that many of us enjoyed with Honors Night.

Prez > guy for $30,000 in this fiscal climate????

guy > /* C=007c00 */No...BCC wuld not pay...those attending would.

stormy > Campus police could help facilitate a more orderly evacuation of the campus...I know it is not easy but worth some thought....

stormy > Truly anxious folks are probably already "gone"

faculty1 > On the evacuation topic, typically only one lane of traffic is exiting at a time. Why not both lanes?

stormy > The NH State Police actually do this approach on I93 Southbound when there are races at Loudon

Prez > guy The purpose would be to honor students (free admission)--even if everyone elase had to pay. The cost of the Venus or White's plus the food would make ticket prices prohibitive. However, I am always open to someone coming forth to lead such a project and provide the financial plan.

stormy > I would think that the approach would require some coordination with FR because two lanes on campus would feed into one lane on Elsbree

guy > /* C=007c00 */OK!

stormy > Thank you for your time, Mr. President!

faculty1 > Could we get the breakdown lane on Elsbree designated as an "evacuation" lane used for emergencies - like the highways have a lane during ruch hour to Boston?

Prez > ALL Yes, Elsbree St & President Ave are the real blocks. We have asked the FR Police about our BCC Police directing traffic at the President Ave intersection, but they have some rerservations that we are trying to overcome in continuing discussions. We already do use the 2-lane exit method but the cause of the back-up is elsewhere.

Student2008 > Good Morning Mr. President. I just want to quickly say thank you for all that you, faculty and staff are doing to help BCC during these tough economic times and budget cuts. I know it cant be easy so I really appreciate it!

student103 > I had to have someone else pick up my kids from school last time, thank goodness I could find someone close by because it took me three hours to get home as I waited 2 hours inthe back lot. Next storm I will park on Elsbree street

Prez > Student2008 Thank you. It has been wonderful to see our BCC Family pulling together in this challenging time.

Prez > Student103 Yes, it is difficult. At many schools parking is terrible even in good weather. We continue to work for more efficient methods at BCC in bad weather. Also, the City has been very helpful in coperating with us.

knight896 > Mr. Prez, is there a way that e-learning teachers can set up a chat like this one during their help/tutor blocks were students at home can sign in to ask questions about class. email works but can several days. this would be great for kids who work or no car to make the help sessions...

knight896 > ok thank you!


Prez > Hi Everyone, We still have some time left (until Noon), but I want to thank you all for this most interesting conversation. You should know (and tell your friends) that a transcript (with typos & all) will be posted next week on the College website. Look for the "Chat Transcripts" menu. Cheers!

Prez > I'm still here until Noon.

knight896 > thanks for doing this Mr. Prez!!

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