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Chat Transcript - October 19, 2009

Please note that this is an unedited transcript. By its nature, misspellings, abbreviations, and grammatical errors are part of this type of synchronous communication.  The views expressed below are those of the participant and not necessarily of Bristol Community College.  Comments from President John Sbrega are labeled prez606.

prez606 :Hi Everyone, What is on your mind? Smoking? H1N1???

peace :How will the smoke free be inforced and can you smoke in the parking lots or car?

prez606 :I am asking for suggestions about enforcement. We can't be too strong-handed, but we also need to esure that everyone complies with the policy. Now the Designated Areas (5 or less) also present a problem of enforcement.

peace :why not just ban it other than the parking lots

prez606 :Well, I think we are taking Baby Steps towards that ultimate end. Why not just impose the ban immediately? I think it is important to recognize the addictive nature and the attitudes of our (considerable) smoking population at BCC.

peace :How are other colleges handling enforcing it? Is there something we can learn form them and perhaps build on?

prez606 :Great Question! Our College Police and other administrators are checking into the policies of the other community and state colleges. It seems common to issue tickets of violation (with fines after"X" number of Warnings).

peace :Would it have to be an administrator or could it be volenteers from our family

prez606 :Yes, of course. I think we need to rely HEAVILY on peer pressure.

Bobby :Type here Hi

prez606 :Hi Bobby, What would you like to talk about?

Bobby :Is the campus going to be made entirely smoke free?

prez606 :We're working on that goal. Interim measures involve the use of designated smoking areas (and then reducing that number gradually to zero!

Bobby :Where will the designated areas be?

prez606 :My Buzz column today describes the 5 "Draft" locations. Essentially, they would be all around the circumference of the FR Campus--in between buildings. Recall, too, that this policy also will apply to NB and Attleboro locations.

Bobby :I have been having trouble reading the Buzz. It does not come in the same format as before.

prez606 :Bobby, you can call Information Technology Services (ITS) at Ext. 2134 for assistance. The Buzz is circulated via email from our College Communications Office.

Bobby :I heard that classes are going to meet twice a week next semester and not three times. Is that correct?

prez606 :Actually it does vary, but you are right in that most will now meet twice or even once per week.

Bobby :But the classes will be longer. Right.

peace :Are we as a college prepared for on line learning to potentially sky rocket because student will not want to conform to the smoking policy?

prez606 :Yes, we are required to offer a total amount of time during the semester in order to meet our accreditation requirements. The change aligns us with many of the colleges in the state. Students have often requested these "block" scheduling formats.

wberardi :Type here I have read your recent email about the upcoming state cuts in the budget along with the Governors. I have heard that a recent poll taken indicates that the people of Massachusetts feel that the worst is behind us. I have also read in the Globe that this state is primed for an ealier recovery than the rest of the country. My question is What is the feeling on Beacon Hill?

prez606 :Peace: Distance Learning has already skyrocketed--see the item about Block Scheduling Formats--but the amswer to your question is YES.

Bobby :I see we are going to get a new building on campus. Any idea on when it will be ready?

prez606 :wberardi: (Use of a Screen Name???): I don't think that Beacon Hill believes ithat an early recovery will happen fairly soon. Massachusetts could be among the earliest--but it may take a long while for that to happen. Also, we have just heard about more cuts (9C Recissions) because of another shortfall--this time to the tune of $600 Miliion.

prez606 :Bobby: Our New Tech Center will house all of the computer labs on the FR Campus. We have been approved to BEGIN the study of the building, but it will still take some years before we actually enjoy a new building.

sparrow :I wondered how BCC is dealing with workloads in areas where positions are not being filled? Are students feeling the impact of this?

Bobby :Prez. Are you actually answering these questions yourself? Why does it take you so long to answer?

prez606 :This is a difficult question. We seem to be better off than other colleges who have laid off employees. The record enrollment over the past years indicates that students are not necessarily feeling the impact of this fiscal crisis. I do hear from students when there are issues. But I cannot say that this will be true in furture years.

prez606 :Bobby: You hurt my feelings! I am answering each, but I am a slow typist.

prez606 :Anything on your mind???

Drummer :Is there any news on a powwow next year

prez606 :Nothing yet about a PowWow, but we certainly hope that BCC can host more PowWows in the future.

Drummer :Do you know if there is one in the planning state or because of the state situation the college can't plan?

prez606 :I don't know. The PowWows are organized and run by the Tribal Council not by BCC.

Drummer :Thank You

Billy :Hello.

Billy :g2g.

prez606 Thanks for joining our Chat. I'm afraid the time has come to end this session.

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