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Chat Transcript - March 8, 2011

Please note that this is an unedited transcript. By its nature, misspellings, abbreviations, and grammatical errors are part of this type of synchronous communication. The views expressed below are those of the participant and not necessarily of Bristol Community College. Comments from President John Sbrega are labeled prez.

prez: Hello: What would you like to discuss?

Happy: Good morning, Dr. Sbrega. I just want to say that I am very glad that all of our snow is gone! Related to that, there have been a zillion congratulatory messages to our grounds crew as the Employees of the Month. While they are most deserving of this honor, isn't there a policy AGAINST everyone sending them messages (and copying the whole @Everybody)? It clogs our email system!

Happy: Got an answer???

prez: Thank you, Happy, for your comments. I agree about the wonderful work that our grounds crew continues to do. The @Everybody is becoming a problem--and not just for Employees of the Month. We all must be respectful of the College resources. Did you know that most colleges require that @Everybody messages be filtered through a cental office? I hope we do NOT need to go there.

prez: Any other questions???

One_of_the_Family: Hello President Sbrega

rkelley15: Shuttle bus between FallRiver and Attleboro Capus:

futuredoctor: hello

One_of_the_Family: I was wondering... in light of all the talk of civility on campus regarding student behavior, should we be having discussions about promoting civility among ourselves, faculty & staff?

prez: Hi RK15: I'm afraid that the cost of such a shuttle would be prohibitive. We have not, for example, been able to sustain a shuttle between Fall River & New Bedford. Have there been any attempts to organize a car pooling system?

Happy: So it's safe to say that we should just send the congratulatory messages to the person and not to @Everybody, right?

prez: Happy: Yes, thank you. Private messages, of course, would always be appropriate.

rkelley15: With the price of gas escalating daily a shuttle between Fall and the Attlebor campuses would be in the best interest of both students and faculity.

prez: Dear ONE: thank you for raising this important matter. Yes, we had a presentation on Civility at yesterday's Professional Staff Meeting, and we plan several more for different audiences. This is a matter that demands constant attention.

prez: RK15: You raise an interesting point about the escalating price of gas. The NB-FR shuttle is fairly obvious, but I wonder about the volume of traffic between FR & Attleboro?

Happy: Shuttle would be difficult. Leave Attleboro at 7 a.m. (for 8 a.m. classes) and then return at 5 p.m.? Would students want to stay here all day long? Would students want to pay the cost? Could be more than $10 each way.

rkelley15: RK15- GATRA is substadized by the local towns around Attleboro. THe cost per student would not be anywhere near $10 per trip.

Happy: Re: civility - I like the quote you often use: Be kind, for everyone is fighting their own battle. We never know how difficult someone's life may be. We should all try to do an act of kindness each day.

prez: RK: The College can certainly look into various transportation deals, but I still remain sketical about the volume of traffic--no matter how inexpensive the fare. Can we sustain these routes?

One_of_the_Family: are there any best practices that could be implemented to ensure that faculty & staff are setting the best examples when it comes to students?

prez: Happy: Thank you for using one of my favorite quotations. We each have a long road to construct; bear this in mind.

prez: ONE: Great question! There are Best Practices about Teaching/Learning/Retention, but the general notion of civility, IMHO, goes back to personal traits. Perhaps the best I can do is advocate for every member of our BCC Family to demonstrate civility in everyday life (Cafeteria, meetings, classrooms, athletic events, etc.).

pwere11: Hello everyone. I would like to raise a totally different issue. This relates to the scheduling of classes. There are many students who are working and attending School at the same time. We join BCC intending to attend evening classes as indicated in the promotional materials. Unfortunately after starting classes, you realize that a number of the core units in your program are only offered during the day. Is there a way that class scheduling can accomodate us.

dduhancik11: Type here Hi Prestdent Sbrega, this is the first time I entered any chat room. Since I'm a computer networking major I need exterience in this environment

prez: Hi pwere11: Thanks for raising this matter. There should NEVER be such gaps as you describe in any of our programs. Please discuss this with the Program Head of your academic program. This is a high priority for the College, but of course, there could be individual glitches that arise. Some "special" courses, for example, might require expensive resources to run frequently. Nevvertheless, you should be able to reach an accommodation with the Program Head.

prez: Hi DD11: Welcome. You're doing fine (so far). Do you have any specific questions (to gain valuable experience)???

dduhancik11: I will graduate this semester so I am not looking for changes. One thing that is very helpful was the change to no classes on Friday. This was a big help for my schedule.

pwere11: This is actually my last semester at BCC, and it taking alot of sacrifice to accomplish since i dont want to wait until next Spring to finish. I have 3 core units all scheduled between 9:30am- 1:45pm, Mon-Thur. They are all classes that you can't take online or hybrid. I know several other students that are having the same problem. One of my friends quit haly-way through last semester just to keep his job. I think that this deserves clarification from your office or registrer.

prez: DD11: We absolutely DO hold classes on Friday--but the "block" schedule (and "Green" schedule) does emphasize heavily the M-W and T-R schedules. However, block courses are available on Friday (also the Weekend). Perhaps these days could be used to address the non-availablity of certain courses that pwere 11 described.

prez: pwere11: I'm not sure what you mean by core units. Are these required courses in your program? See my response just now to DD11 about irregular hours for core offerings.

Happy: Often students will have difficulty getting courses when they don't take the proper sequence. I believe that some courses are offered only in the Spring and others only iin the Fall. If a student starts in the Spring semester, then they might run into diffculty. It's very important to check those things.

prez: pwere11: The response from Happy just now highlights some major difficulties, particularly with specialcourses that are offered only once per academic year. However, again, I would urge students to consult with thier program head as well as their advisor about possible solutions.

pwere11: Yes. I mean the required courses that are not general courses like English, History, Communication etc. There are plenty of the general courses that one can easily pick what suits there schedule. Unfortunately for the program courses, they are only offered either in Fall or Spring, in addition to the day time hours. The only late classes we have are from 4pm - 6:45pm. If you work during the day, you either leave work at 4pm or 5pm, which makes a 4pm class such an incovinience.

prez: pwere11: Yes, that is a universal problem for all colleges. But please contact your program head about your special courses that you need so that the courses might be scheduled the following semester.

corey7: massasoit has a baseball team, has BCC ever thought of starting one?

corey7: and hello president sbrega

dduhancik11: Scheduling classes has to be a nightmare. You will never make everyone happy. Teachers and students will always have some conflicts. But I don't have to tell you that......

prez: Corey7: Hi, I'd love to start a baseball team and a women's softball team, but the finances, for now, and the lack of a field are against us for the moment.

pwere11: The college implemented a third party refund system last semester for any amounts owed to students. There preffered options is the green card. Given security concerns in today's digital world, one may not want to carry another debit card. One is actually forced to activate the card in order to select an alternative method to receive their refund. why can't communication to the Students services that one doesn't want a card be sufficient if a paper check is preferred?

corey7: couldn't we use Bishop Connolly like the basketbal and soccer teams do>

prez: DD11: Yes, scheduling is more of an art than a science; nevertheless, our students do have to have access to the courses they need to complete their degree.

prez: Cory: We rent from BC and would have to do so for baseball/softball (we'd need to do BOTH). Moreover, the coaches, uniforms, equipment all present formidable costs in this time of fiscal turmoil.

prez: pwere11: Yes, you do need to activate the card, but you need not carry it with you at all times. After activating the card, you can select to receive a paper check instead.

chriswalker: I just want to say that the most infuriating thing about BCC is the enrollment center. I always seem to be treated rudely. I've had a problem with a loan since December and I've been there pretty much every day for twoweeks in January. I understand many students go through that office and a lot needs to be done. But when I need something done, and they do the least amount of work possible and don't listen to a word I say even though I'm right, I get extremely frustrated.

prez: Chris: Have you contacted the Fonancial Aid Office directly (within the Enrollment Center)??? Please call me on my private line (Ext. 2187) to leave the details, and we'll work on it. I am sorry that you have been so inconvenienced.

pwere11: The enrollment center seems to operate smoothly if one has no issues that need resolution.Once you have a problem, the systems in place entail so many hoops that one has go through. I took a 1 credit class last summer that was offered for free to students in my program through a grant. I t however took a Month and uncountable visits to the center with emails from the faculty, before they even identified what the problem was. In the mean time, my Monthly payment plan was adjusted upwards within 2 days. I think there's a lot they can do to improve their service

dduhancik11: I make a point of going to the the enrollment center and book store early so they are not too busy. It's frustrating for both the students and employees when there are long lines. I have never had a problem going at off times.

1234: I agree, the enrollment center does only seem to work when you have the most miniscule problem, like adding a class. Anything else though is a hassel.. I asked once to go behind the desk to speak directly with the women that was handeling my problem instead of them being messengers delivering a message, and botching it up while they do.

prez: Pwere11 and DD11: thanks for this information about the Enrollment Center. The enormous volume does present a challenge. But I assure you that we emphasize Customer Service at the College. Hi Everyone: Thanks for participating. It is always great to hear what things are on your mind. Let's do it again. Bye!

1234: But instead they told me "No, she is extremely busy."

prez: 1234: You should NOt have received that answer. We are there to serve students!!!

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