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Chat Transcript - April 23, 2012

Please note that this is an unedited transcript. By its nature, misspellings, abbreviations, and grammatical errors are part of this type of synchronous communication. The views expressed below are those of the participant and not necessarily of Bristol Community College. Comments from President John Sbrega are labeled prez.

:calidris1: :Thanks for doing this, I appreciate the connection!

:Prez: :calidris: Thank you. What is going on with our "green" activities?

:calidris1: :A couple students have asked me if I know what the chemicals were that were applied to the campus lawns last week. I don't know and thought you might like to know that there were some concerns expressed.

:interested: :President Sbrega, How come we do not have a sick bank anymore for fellow employees who really need it?

:calidris1: :Joe DeSa has always been very helpful and I'll check with him about the specifics.

:Prez: :calidris: Thank you for this info. I shall check on it.

:No_Eye_Deer: :Type hereDeSa is at 2252 I think.

:Prez: :Interested: I'm checking on your query. I have approved extensions of Sick Leave, and I understand that employees (I think whether union or not) can contribute ONE sick day for the good of the cause. Did you have a particular circumstance in mind?

:No_Eye_Deer: :One sick day per year, that is.

:interested: :No ,it was my understanding that at one time if a person was out of sick time and you wanted to give them some of your time it was accepted.

:No_Eye_Deer: :That was a long time ago and I think it had to be within your own unit.

:Prez: :Interested; My understanding is that MCCC & Non_unit Professionals do have a bank--provided that the person has previously agreed to donate ONE DAY. With regard to AFSCME, my approval is required for an extension. As far as I know, this is "No Change."

:interested: :Thank You for clarifying

:Prez: :Hi Everyone, what is on your mind today?

:No_Eye_Deer: :What do you think our prospects are for state funding in the next two years?

:No_Eye_Deer: :Also, for the ORP?

:No_Eye_Deer: :WHAT??

:staff: :Type here??

:staff: ::)

:No_Eye_Deer: :Was it something Jimbo said?

:Jimbo: :/* B=true I=true */TypeJimbo didn't say anything here

:prez: :I just had a quick technical difficulty. Did I mess a question?

:No_Eye_Deer: :see above for two.

:prez: :No Eye Dear: I just logged back in and lost all of the preceding comments/questions. Sorry. Can anyone repeat their old questions or start new ones???

:No_Eye_Deer: :What are our prospects for state funding in the next two years and what's up with ORP?

:prez: :NED: I have a personal interest in ORP, and I'm sorry that I have no information about it. The Legislature graciously passed "our" ability to switch, but I have no idea (sorry) about where it now stands. With regard to the funding, we only know from year-to-year. Next year (for now) is LEVEL funding from last year--but, of course, "level" never means "leve" for that second year!

:No_Eye_Deer: :Check with HR. Thanks.

:No_Eye_Deer: :I can't believe no one has a concern. So, do you think the community college system in MA will weather the storm of governemtn interference?

:prez: :NED: thank you. I am greatly concerned that we shall lose parts of our "glorious" CC mission. The critics are attacking Dev Ed, no common course numbering (!), incompetent current trustees across the state (!), and us not being strictly trade schools for what "they" perceive as Work Force Development!!! UGH!!!

:No_Eye_Deer: :Like my name, they have no eye deer of what we do

:prez: :EXACTLY!

:No_Eye_Deer: :Thanks for responding, but I need a coffee now. See you next time.

:prez: :Enjoy!!!

:prez: :Congratulations to Dr. William kelly for being named to deliver the Last Lecture!!!

:No_Eye_Deer: :Looks like it's just you, me and the Monthy Python fan (It's...).

:No_Eye_Deer: :Any questions for you, It's?

:prez: :NED: Back from the coffee already? What about our soon-to-be-new acting VP/AA???

:No_Eye_Deer: :I think it's the smartest and best move politically you could have made. Greg is also going to do a phenominal job, I trust.

:No_Eye_Deer: :I don't think he can afford to supply pizza, etc. for everyone, though.

:prez: :Thank you. Everyone, including me, thinks this will work very well for the College.

:prez: :just anchovies--and no pizza.

:No_Eye_Deer: :Not that it is necessary, but will he have the same "power" as the actual VP/AA had?

:prez: :Absolutely! I reemphasized foer Greg--and that is his own conviction--that he holds the responsibility (not "Acting" to keep a lid on everything.

:No_Eye_Deer: :I know he would not abuse it, so I believe he should have it.

:prez: :Agreed!

:No_Eye_Deer: :We have 11-12 new faculty coming on board in the Fall, but the inn seems to be full. Will there be a faculty member on the group that will make decisions on where to stuff them?

:prez: :NED: I'm not sure. There are really very few choices because of the lack of space around here. We do have to wait for the dust to settle this summer from the "move" to Davol Street (which frees up some space).

:No_Eye_Deer: :With all the online sections we are now running, there are a couple of small classrooms that could be converted to share 3 or 4 office spaces.

:prez: :Yes, everything will be considered.

:No_Eye_Deer: :ok, it's just you and me now, so I think I'll leave you to do more important things. Thanks

:prez: :Thanks to you for taking the time. I wish more would take advantage of this opportunity--and avoid those #$%^& water coolers!

:No_Eye_Deer: :OMG, LOL as they say in the texts

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