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Chat Transcript - April 13, 2009

Please note that this is an unedited transcript. By its nature, misspellings, abbreviations, and grammatical errors are part of this type of synchronous communication.  The views expressed below are those of the participant and not necessarily of Bristol Community College.  Comments from President John Sbrega are labeled prez.


mandre14:I think that the smoking on campus is out of control, because it is not fair that people that do not smoke should inhale the cigarette smoke of people that do smoke. Will smoking be banned on campus?

oh_dae-su:Winston sounds like a pro-smoking name. ::biggrin I have no opinion either way, I just wanted to observe

Winston:I am watching from a far with great interest

FLY:Type here i don't see PREZ aon the users list - are you signed on?

FLY:ok - i see it now

prez:Hello Everyone,

oh_dae-su:hello, sir

prez:What is on your mind???

Former_Smoker:Hi, I hope the college will ban smoking. It is not good for anyone. We should not enable smokers to continue bad habits. Thank you.

Winston:Yes, but it is their choice as to whether or not they won't to smoke - not the College's

prez:former: Thank you for your perspective. I, too, am a former smoker (from some 35 years ago). My job as prez is to protect everyone's rights at the college. How do you feel about designated smoking areas away from our buildings instead of an outright ban?

Happy:Type here

prez:Hi Happy. What do you say?

mandre14:I think that designated smoking areas is a great idea, I do not want to be at risk for lung cancer or throat cancer from inhaling the cigarette smoke of people that do smoke.

oh_dae-su:i think a designated smoking area is a good idea. i don't smoke but i believe that solution would ensure that everyones rights are served

prez:mandre: Yes, we need information and education sessions on the use of tobacco and its harmful effects.

Happy:I think they should have a designated area, but away from the Buildings, because the students and staff will be right there smoking again

prez:Happy: Yes, the important thing is to protect our BCC non-smokers.

Former_Smoker:Designated areas are fine IF smokers will use them. Will it be enforced?

oh_dae-su:so long as people smoke in this area. there are signs on the buildings (or there was) that specifically said Do Not Smoke Here - or something to that effect and people huddle there.

oh_dae-su:right, enforcing the rule would be key

prez:former: Well, we always do the best we can in these matters. Do you see, for example, illegally parked cars or unleashed dogs? Our Police do enforce these rules but can't be everywhere at all times.

mandre14:I do see signs that say "DO NOT SMOKE HERE" and people smoke anyway, and I think that is a big problem, especially if there are people with breathing problems.

oh_dae-su:i see unleashed dogs all the time, no offense

howdie:Its unfortunate that it has come to this because some people can's can't read signs. I think it really needs to be inforced where smoking can take place. Besides any out door event you go to people smoke it s to be curtious about who is around you........... and be aware that if someone doesn't like it then you just respect there wishes... it's really not rocket science.

oh_dae-su:all i all its a good idea though

eugeneo_b:Dear Prez:

prez:Oh & Mandre: Yes, that is my point. The rules are difficult to enforce on a 24/7 basis. Perhaps "peer" pressures will help when--and if--new rules emerge from this collegewide conversation?

prez:howdie: I agree. People have to WANT to do the right thing.

eugeneo_b:I'm interested in writing about the smoking issue for The Observer. Is it Vice-President Gabovitch's Office of Inst. Research that is conducting the current on-line survey? Didn't the student senate do a survey a couple of month's back?

howdie:The problem with places specifically for smokers can become a segregation issue. Label; The smokers......

prez:eugeneo: VP Gabovitch is involved in the technical aspects of creating and administering any survey. She never takes a position on the topics involved. As far as the Student Senate, I think the senators did a canvass of student opinion without it being a formal activity (but I'm not certain as to whether the Student Senate actually did anything).

prez:howdie: You may be right, but what else can we do? An outright ban would be even worse for "The Smokers."

oh_dae-su:yeah, you cant ban smoking. its like telling a coffee drinker no coffee. especially on very long school days itd be pretty difficult to not smoke id assume.

mandre14:If there were to be designated areas for smokers, then where outside the college would they be?

eugeneo_b:I was told that the student senate found opposition, even among non-smokers such as myself. Have scheduled a follow-up w. one of the Senators. Does it seem to you that this ban is being promoted from the top down?

prez:oh: yes, it is virtually impossible to legislate morality (as this country saw in the 1920s with regard to prohibiting alcohol consumption).

prez:Mandre: I'm not sure about the areas. But, they would have to be some distance from any building. Smokers now are not respecting the rule to be at least 50-feet from the doors and air vents of a building.

oh_dae-su:would it be like those glass bus stop areas like they have at hospitals?

prez:eugeneo: There is no BAN being promoted. It is one of some options about smoking. That is why we are conducting the survey. No decision has yet been made. We need reliable information.

oh_dae-su:or would it just be an area

howdie:I have been a smoker and a non smokers. When I was a non smoker I found that people realized that I was and respected thefact that I didn't. I beleive people just need to speak out about how they feel when its happening. I myself have done this in the past and it can be very effective. No saying anything to a smoker is not going to make them aware. I beleive it would take everyone who smokes and doesn't to iniciate this and not be afraid to simply say "this is a non smoking area and its bothering me...... Communication is the key and if a problem arises that why we have Campus Police not to say they have enough to be concerned with but if the smokers know that the college as a whole is serious then things will change.

prez:oh: No decisions have been made about smoking areas--if, indeed, we even go that route. Let's see what the data tells us.

prez:howdie: Thank you. Your example is exactly what I have in mind when speaking of Peer Pressure. If non-smokers inform the smokers about the rules, I think we will all benefit.

oh_dae-su:as long as we nonsmokers inform the smokers nicely i think that will help.

eugeneo_b:Sorry if I incorrectly suggested that an outright ban was what was at issue. My impression is that there are already enough regulations that, if enforced, a ban would be the only remaining increase of regulatiion left.

prez:oh: Yes, you touch on our efforts to build and mainatin a Culture of Civility at BCC. Thank you!

howdie:In addition smokers need to let smokers know this is an area where smoking is prohibited.... Especially the employess of the college who do choose to smoke need to take the initiatve and address all people.

mandre14:Hello Prez, I was wondering if I should do research for you by reading books about tobacco and the harmfull effects to find out if inhalation of the cigarette smoke does in fact give others lung cancer, throat cancer, or any othe serious illness?

prez:howdie: Thank you. We ALL should let smokers know about our rules.

howdie:mandre14, do you ever drink and get in a car in drive............

prez:mandre: Our Health Services Center will be doing information sessions and educational activities to alert everyone about second-hand smoke and other aspects of tobacco use.

mandre14:Hello Howdie, I hate intoxicants, I think that they harm the body and cloud the mind.

eugeneo_b:I've never been a classroom that smelled like smoke because of smokers near the air intake. Has anyone else?

oh_dae-su:i havent personally, but i have heard a person or two say so. also, in the spring some 1st floor windows are open and people smoke outside them. its not a rampant problem but it happens

prez:eugeneo: I have received numerous complaints from people who have offices near air vents. Apparently, the smoke enters the intake and can get into the offices (and maybe even classrooms?). But I have not received any complaints about it happening in classrooms.

Nosy:Our campus is looking beautiful.

eugeneo_b:That it is!

prez:ALL: Just for your information, the transcript of our chat will be published on-line so that people who could not p[articipate will be able to see the various perspectives.

eugeneo_b:Prez: Are you an old hand at chats? This is my first one!

mandre14:Hello Prez, I wonder where is the Health Cervices Center?

prez:eugeneo: I don't know about the "old" part! But I have been doing these BCC chats for about 3 years. I have also been holding discussion sessions (or office hours) ever since I arrived in 2000. These are wonderful ways for me to get a feel for the various perspectives across our College Family.

eugeneo_b:mandre: it's on the second floor of G-building, room 209 I think.

prez:mandre: Our Health Services Center is upsatiars in the Common College Center (Building "G").

mandre14:Thank you eugeneo_b and prez for that info.

happyday:What have we talked about so far?

mandre14:I need to go to my Math teacher's office hour, so thank you Prez for having myself and others.

eugeneo_b:mandre: in response to your interest as to whether cigarettes cause cancer, while this is hardly valid as a statistic, a old friend's partner did just die of lung cancer

prez:mandre: Good luck with your Math. Thanks for your contributions here.

mandre14:You are welcome Prez.

eugeneo_b:happyday: smoking, smoking, smoking, at least since I joined at 10:15!

eugeneo_b:Prez: Would you really consider a solution like the hospital smoking kiosks someone has already mentioned? I can understand why smokers want some form of an overhang on days when it's raining.

prez:ALL: In addition to smoking, are there any other topics of interest that you'd like to discuss?

prez:eugeneo: Well, if we do move to designated smoking areas at some distance from our buildings, then we would have to consider some weather-protection arrangement.

happyday:I have to say that I don't care for smoking, but I also feel for smokers who also have rights.

tia:Hello All,

eugeneo_b:I'd like to get some background on the Institutional Review Board, but since VP Gabovitch is Chairperson, she might be the source. One of the best students I know found her encounter w. the IRB discouraging.

angel:The smoking Situation on campus is not good. We are exposed to second hand smoke all the time, especially on bad weather days. This has to change. Many students and faculty have severe astham, and this second hand smoke is not healthy for their overrall health.

prez:Angel: Thanks for your views. I am looking forward to educational sessions about tobacco use--first or second-hand!!!

tia:The Student Senate had taken a poll on this issue before the winter break and most students smoking and non smoking agreed their should either be enforcement of the current policy or designated areas (smoking huts).

angel:Also, in health facilities and hospitals, there are strict rules on smoking. Maybe if that is looked into and the college could copy the same policy.

eugeneo_b:But a college is not a hospital, most of the time!

FLY:how do you sign out?

prez:eugeneo: The IRB does have operating rules (that are nationally created). I am sure that VP Gabovitch would be delighted to explain the function. Perhaps in some public way--article or chat session???

tia:Hospitals have designated smoking areas as well and most of the times it is so far away from the front door.

prez:Tia: Thanks for the information about the Student Senate.

angel:I understand we are not a hospital eugeneo, but this is a public institution and we should not be exposed to the smoke as we are trying to enter our building for class. usually there are about 4-5 and a smoke cloud right at the entrance to the building. Never mind the cig. butts everywhere on the ground.

prez:all: Whatever we decide, everyone must respect the rules--and their colleagues.

howdie:I'm glad you mention the hospitals because maybe the employees go there but anyone who is actually at the hospital do not.......... so how effective is that....

happyday:I agree that the current policy could work if it were enforced. But it doesn't seem fair or practical to make people walk far away between classes...we will have a big issue with tardiness.

eugeneo_b:That would be fine. I'm just looking for background at this point. The Observer is getting voice recorders, so we could tape the session, tho' I don't really have enough material for an interview right now. Some of my interest in the Office of Inst. Research came from one of your emails that made me think that they had a policy role in the smoking debate.

oh_dae-su:i dont think theyd have to walk far. its not a giant campus to begin with

oh_dae-su:besides, were all grown ups, we should be able to get to class on time if we want to

prez:oh: You're quite correct. Any designated areas would have to be strategically located throughout the Campus (and in Attleboro).

eugeneo_b:Disagree, oh_dae-su: Think that there would be a big problem w. tardies.


howdie:Repect the rights of all and communicate you feeling at the appropriate time.

usa4freedoms:being a non smoker i also feel strongly that administrative authorities have begun to take powers a little too far. i believe that all that is needed to be done would be to designate specific smoking areas at all buildings. small fines need to be put in place for any of those who choose to toss their "butts" on the ground or to smoke in any undesignated areas. it is the students responsibility to get to class on time

oh_dae-su:accountability is needed. agreed

usa4freedoms:although i do not enjoy walking by smoke i dont feel that i have the right to not allow someone else to do as they please.

eugeneo_b:it does take a while to get off-campus, then back on.

usa4freedoms:a ban would simply be nearly unconstitutional.

george:do we need a smoking area in campus

prez:usa4: We already have designated areas near the doorway of every building, but the distance of some 50 feet is not being restricted and impossible to enforce on a 24/7 basis. Instead of measuring distance from a doorway or air vent, the designated areas would be much easier to enforce--and easier for peers to remind smokers about the locations.

tia:usa4freedom- If there could be a fine imposed how should the monies collected be spent?

eugeneo_b:tia - give them to Health Services!

prez:Howdie: Thanks for those sensible words of wisdom!


angel:One more mention, with the weather getting better, we open the windows and many times, you can smell the smoke coming in. It is almost as though the smoke is in the building. We all need to respect one anothers envirnment and space that is all.

happyday:It is a matter of respect...for all. Smokers should be able to smoke without being rained on. Everyone should be able to walk into the building without going through a cloud. No one should have to look at cig butts on the ground. Everyone needs to participate

george prez :hello president sbrega, my name is george

happyday:Smokers need to dispose of their butts properly.

happyday:When you remind people not to smoke at an entrance, you often get an attitude.

prez : george :Hi George, what is on your mind???

george : prez :I had a question about the CHM12 course. Why the school did not open CHM12 course anymore?

AllSmiles89:Hi. Just got here, so I apologize in advance if anything I say has been said already.

usa4freedoms:the money should be spent on recepticles that are easily emptied without making a mess, but the receptacle should also be made sure as to not allow the butts to spill around them or be blown by the wind.

angel:Happyday you are right, we all pay to come here and should take pride on how our campus looks to outsiders and for ourselves.

eugeneo_b:Talked w. a gentleman in Facilities who has more right to complain than most about butts. He does support an outright ban.

prez:Happy: you make some very valuable points. The designated areas (I hope) would create less cause for an attitude, when thewy are smoking clearly in an UNdesignated area.

howdie:Thank you for the opportunity to chat One last thought, For those who smoke dispose of your remains in its proper place its no one responsibility but you own.

oh_dae-su:if someone gives you an attitude, id simply walk away, as im sure you probably do

george : prez : I had a question about the CHM12 course. Why the school did not open CHM12 course anymore?

AllSmiles89:I agree with happyday, I have reminded people many times that they're not supposed to smoke near entrances. I have asthma, and smoking is a HUGE trigger of mine. Even if I just walk through smoke, which I often have to at BCC, it can trigger breathing problems for me.

eugeneo_b:Guess more people were having trouble w. current policy than I knew, but still think smoking kiosks would do it.

AllSmiles89:I'm all for designated areas. I feel like a full ban would increase drop out rates, as sad as that is. As long as I know where the designated areas are, I can avoid them. At the same time, people don't follow the rules of not smoking near the entrances, so what will make them follow these rules of smoking in designated areas?

usa4freedoms:if smoke coming through the windows is a problem then simply put the designated areas a reasonable distance away from any windows. i think america has begun to go a little haywire with its ability to control other peoples lives.

tia:Personally, I do agree the current rules should be enforced. I do think the college as a whole could benifit from some sort of education on the matter.

eugeneo_b:Go, usa!

usa4freedoms:a small fine that will increase with each offense until reaching a maximum fine of 10$

usa4freedoms:i myself personally hate the smell of cigarette smoke but still know my boundaries.

eugeneo_b:Okay, start w. $5, next $10, next $25, but who's going to know how many offenses a given smoker has?

prez:usa4: When you speak about moving away from windows, that is what I have in mind about designated areas.

oh_dae-su:designated areas would also eliminate the problem of people debating whether they are or are not too close to a building.

angel:I think we also need to remember the children on campus. there are children that walk around campus from the day care center and soon their will be children here for summer kids college.

oh_dae-su:which is one of those grey area arguments no one ever wins

prez:oh: Yes, this would reduce the potential for friction between smokers and Peer-reminders."

jconway:I don't think the college should be in the business of banning things.

AllSmiles89:Agreed. I'm just not convinced people will stick to designated areas.

tia:Fines may cause problems for the students and staff. Who will enforce and collect these fines? How will they be distributed (monies collected)? Will the non payment of these fees incur the same penalties as the parking tickets (ex. a hold being applied to the students account for non payment)? I am not sure if this is the dirrection we want to go in. I still believe education and enforcement may well be the answer.

usa4freedoms:no. the fine should never get to 25 dollars. we are trying to stop littering and smoke from getting into the buildings etc. not trying to bankrupt a college student. with reasonably placed smokers areas and small fines that is the best we can do. it is practically unconstitutional to ban smoking.

oh_dae-su:i agree, enforcement is the answer to all those issues tia

littlemssunshine:The designated areas sounds like a good idea. I think we have to remember that the good of the many must outweigh the needs of the few.

jconway:If we're going to start banning things maybe we should consider banning cell phones and text messaging since they have a disruptive impact on the learning process.

angel:maybe campus police could enforce these rules and it would benefit us to see more of campus police presence on campus.

eugeneo_b:Dear Prez: Thanks for your time. I do confess that when we started this chat, I thought that the administration already had its mind made up on this one. Among people I knew, talk of a ban, and suspiciously similar arguments, were sweeping the campus. Am now convinced that the discourse is still on-going.

usa4freedoms:hey jconway. i had a feeling you would be in on ths discussion.

eugeneo_b:Thank You.

prez:little: Thank you. We always have to try to strike a balance. Our discussion shifted to fines, but we don't have any such policy now (or yet). Also, few are supportive of outright bans--at this time.

prez:eugeneo: Thank you. Despite rumors, this is still an open process.

usa4freedoms:each buildings faculty should be responsible for keeping track of the offenses. a simple list only faculty accessible list of initials can be made and tallied at the midpoint and ends of the semester

tia:If you have not already taken the survey on this issue please take it and encourage others to take it as well. The survey will be on the BCC homepage until April 29. There is a space available for your comments.

jconway:It's a slippery slope (or smoky one) when we begin to consider banning things.

prez:tia: Thank you for this important reminder.

littlemssunshine:Bans would be hard to enforce and may create more problems than it solves.

oh_dae-su:the survey is the best way

prez:Little: I agree.

usa4freedoms:oooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!! a great idea for the moneys colleceted could go towards an educational group aimed at halping people quit. agreed jconway. it is a slippery slope indeed

oh_dae-su:statistical proof of what the overall concensus is

AllSmiles89:I don't think a full ban with benefit anyone.

AllSmiles89:will* not with

usa4freedoms:nope just gonna make for a lot of angry students and some of the faculty too

AllSmiles89:Yeah. Usa, I like your idea, but who will actually collect the money and keep track of offenders and whatnot?

happyday:Several have already reminded us that we are all adults, here. Having faculty keep track of "offenses" sounds so high school. Why can't smokers and nonsmokers alike respect the rules? If smokers can demonstrate that they can follow the rules, this talk wouldn't be necessary.

prez:Happy: Thank you for this wise counsel.

jconway:I read the BCC newspaper article regarding this issue and took the survey. I keep trying to weigh how banning smoking, fining, etc. adds to the overall quality of education.

usa4freedoms:agreed i wish people were that reliable. but the fact is that they arent. im sure you would agree considering the butts all over campus.

prez:jconway: Why are you stuck on BAN (and fines)??? The consensus --as of now--seems to be in favor of designated smoking areas across the campus. The current policy simply is not working.

CarlP:I doubt you could get faculty to keep track of the "offenses" . Wouldn't that be a contractual issue?

AllSmiles89:If everyone would follow the rules that would obviously be ideal. But the places I see people gathering to smoke the most are right near entrances, even though they all say something along the lines of "Don't smoke near entrance"

happyday:Perhaps we need a new sign..."Preserve your smoking space! Take care of your butts and don't break the rules!"

jconway:I am not stuck on it. I was responding to the previous post. Or in light of CarlP's recent comment.

usa4freedoms:maybe im not exactly up on my contractual issues. i just dont think a ban is right and just. i also dont think smoking anywhere and throwing the butts everywhere is fair to anyone.

AllSmiles89:But I have never heard of those rules being enforced. So maybe there could be some sort of announcement to try to prevent it a little more, and if that works then maybe bigger steps aren't even necessary.

usa4freedoms:might help happyday

prez:Happy: I think you are on to something. Thanks.

happyday:Lots of colleges are tobacco free -- even in MA.

jconway:usa, I agree.

Nosy:Don't faculty members ban cell phones in the class room? Smoking should be banned from most areas. It is a safety issue. Huts would work. And if they didn't, then a total ban should be considered.

prez:Happy: You're quite correct. Moreover, we used to be able to smoke inside public building--and now that practice is banned. We are evolving.

jconway:Exactly how is it a safety issue?

jconway:It might be a health issue.

jconway:It could be an environmental one.

usa4freedoms: %%%% nosy. smoking huts. i think that them smoking is concentrating that smoke enough dont you.

Nosy:I've seen things ignited from discarded cigarettes. Dry grass, papers strewn about. The health factor goes without saying.

jconway:Perhaps some data, if there is any available, on the health effects of outdoor smoking would be beneficial.

fly:Type herehow do i sign out?

usa4freedoms:i am friends with some of those who smoke. i dont want them to be in a superconcentrated smoking hut. its not a safety issue. it is a personal choice issue. that is due to peoples ignorance nosy. proper receptacles could do a lot to solve the "safety" issue that you speak of.

jconway:I have never seen a fire on this campus attributed to a cigarette. I could be wrong and if so I stand corrected.

oh_dae-su:i think we have the recepticles, they just dont get used as often as they should is all

usa4freedoms:when things get ignited it is because the person who threw the butt is ignorant. i also do not think there are many on campus who just throw ignited cigarettes. there are a lot who throw them on the groung and step on them.

usa4freedoms:the receptacles on campuse are shabby. i have witnessed many butts get blown out by the wind. there are much better receptacles with long necks that would stop this. even solar powered ones that crush the butts so that more can be fit in the bin.

oh_dae-su:serious question: is tossing a cigarette butt on the ground a form of littering? or is it socially acceptable?

usa4freedoms:it is absolutely a form of littering. no questions

jconway:I agree that those that smoke, do so responsibly.

happyday:It is littering. It is ugly and germy

jconway:So isn't spitting.

prez:usa: Thanks for the views on recepticles. If we do go to designated smoking areas, much attention will be paid to installing the "correct" recepticles. We don't want to simply move the pile of butts elsewhere.

ghamel12:My concern is the placement of those cigartee receptacles, is it not contradictory to have a no smoking area a few feet from a cigarette receptacle

usa4freedoms:ghamel12 it should be failry simple to put a few receptacle at each smoking are


rsantos:Good morning Prez. Why can't smokers smoke in their cars?

CarlP:what if they come on the bus?

usa4freedoms:they can but during the wchool day im sure they cant go out to their cars in between each class.

usa4freedoms:school day*

oh_dae-su:smokers cant smoke in their cars?

usa4freedoms:no they can but might not always have the time to run all the way to their cars if it is across campus.

jconway:Smokers can smoke in their cars. Can people who use cell phones go to their cars to make their calls so as not to interfere with others?

ghamel12:the current placement of the receptacles also encourages smoking in direct line of access to the building, forcing people to walk through cigarette smoke to enter the building...........the literature shows that inhalation of second hand smoke introduces more toxins to the non-smoker that the smoker and has a direct and immediate effect on the heart and lung muscles

rsantos:Apples and Oranges

usa4freedoms:ghamel12 that is why there will be serious consideration of where these areas will be placed. right prez?

jconway:I agree there are health hazards associated with smoking. But there are health hazards to eating fatty foods, but we don't ban fatty foods in the cafeteria.

usa4freedoms:there would be nothing to eat


prez:usa4: Absolutely correct! Thanks.

ghamel12:But eating fatty food does not have direct impact on the person sitting beside you..........

jconway:Unless you're on a bus.


ghamel12:or should I say a direct health impact

rsantos:Jconway Peoples personal eating habits do not affect others on campus. You keep confusing Apples and Oranges.

jconway:I disagree.

rsantos:Jconway Explaine?

jconway:Cell phone use does. Are we banning that? For me the issue is banning not smoking.

usa4freedoms:no bans should be allowed.

ghamel12:Banning not smoking?

AllSmiles89:I see the point you are making jconway. It's obviously a slippery slope when you start to talk about one thing. But as of right now, smoking seems to be the "big" issue. So when enough people start complaining about the other things then the discussions would shift to that.

fly:banning "not smoking"?

jconway:The point I'm trying to make is that there are a multitude of things all around us thta impact some more than others; how do we decide on what should or shouldn't get banned?

usa4freedoms:cell phone use should be allowed. it is up to the person who uses the phone to be discreet and non distruptive. keep your phone on vibrate. it speaks very loudly of someone who answers a phone in the middle of class.

rsantos:Jconway, Cell phone use does not affect others health

jconway:Exactly what is "enough people?"

jconway:rsantos, it does in the parking lot when someone is too busy on the cell phone to drive respobsibly.

AllSmiles89:I'm not sure. What exactly did make administration take an interest to this?

usa4freedoms:ultimately this is the usa. it is each of our rights to pretty much do as we please. it is up to people to use their judgements and conscience. i do fear that there isnt that much of that going on these days.

jconway:A 70 year old man was hit crossing on a crosswalk (yesterday in Taunton) by someone in a Jeep who was on his cell phione.


prez:AllSmiles: Our interest was directed because of the enormous number of complaints about smokers not respecting the rules, about unsightly butts, and about the dangers of second-hand smoke. We simply cannot permit the current practices to continue.

usa4freedoms:near the cumberland farms right? over near the green. i heard about that

ghamel12:though I agree "banning " may fell as it is impacting our freedoms, remember those with signifiacnt respiratory and or heart illness have restridtion placed on them, and if goal E of our strategic plan is to "promote a healthy, positive, and productive college environment", are we not impacting one set of freedoms for another


kc:the issue on this table is smoking and I agree that smoking in front of doors to buildings here on campus should be banned

jconway:I see the issue as banning.

AllSmiles89:I definitely agree. I just wasn't sure how the movement came about.

jconway:Smoking is a problem. I wouldn't deny that.

rsantos:Jconway, again Apples and Oranges, The accident (which was not on Campus) was isolated. Smoking is everyware on campus and it affects everyone.

prez:KC: Thank you. The "location" is the key, not any self-imagined "BAN."

AllSmiles89:KC, agreed.

usa4freedoms:well i have to get ready for class. a ban is out of the question as far as i am concerned. i dont smoke. i hate the smell. however it is peoples right to smoke. if they could do it in the correct areas and throw their butts out it would make a world of difference on campus.

jconway:Excuse me rasantos, but it is not apples and oranes when the main idea is banning. isolated? I am sorry but I guess you haven't been reading the newspapers. cell phone related accidents are of major concern to the health and safety of citizens.

oh_dae-su:yeah, no one is advocating a campus wide ban. the concensus is location as has been discussed.

prez:usa4: Thank you for your many valuable contributions to this discussion.

ghamel12:Now if smoking is moved to the perifery of the ground, will those coming fro there cars be effected, and if it is moved to the "center quad" area, does that mean non-smokers cannot eat at the picinic area?

prez:ghamel: You raise an important issue about "location." These will have to be carefully considered--for satrategic reasons as well as College beutification.

jconway:Didn't the newspaper article call for a ban on smoking? I could be mistaken.

oh_dae-su:i see that its noon so i'll step out of the conversation.

rsantos:Jconway, would you like to ratio accidents on campus due to cell phones and the number of people that inhale second hand smoke?

oh_dae-su:i planned on just watching but ending up chatting

prez:OH: Thank you.

jconway:Yes. Please.

oh_dae-su:thank you everyone!

rsantos:Jconway, do the math for your self. Apples and oranges

ghamel12:Thank you Mr President, have a good day everyone,

prez:ALL: Our time has expired. Please recall that the transcript of this chat will be made available for public consumption. Thank you for your participation.


jconway:That is the whole point. You see smoking as a problem. I see.cell phones..

jconway:I'm sorry, I thought you had those figures available.

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