Bristol Community College

Bristol Community College

Online Tutoring

Through the eTutoring online writing lab, you can ask tutors to review a draft of a writing assignment. The tutor will return your draft with mark-ups and suggestions for improvement within 24 to 48 hours.

Be sure that the document containing your writing is in one of these formats:

  • .doc (Word 2003)
  • .docx (Word 2007)
  • .rtf (Rich Text Format)

If you are not sure how to save files in these formats view an online tutorial.

To access eTutoring, log onto accessBCC.

If you have questions or need help accessing the eTutoring system call extension 2081.

Before you submit your paper, please remember:

  • eTutors will not edit, correct, proofread, or rewrite your paper, but they will gladly give you feedback on those areas where they think your writing can be improved.
  • eTutors will review up to 3 drafts of an assignment. After receiving 3 reviews of your paper, please do not submit the same assignment again for further assistance. If you feel you need more help, please contact your instructor.