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RADIX (ROC Association for Dutch International ConneXions) has the pleasure in offering a two-week professional and cultural exchange with the United States of America.
A faculty member or administrator from the Netherlands will be matched with an American counterpart with similar job responsibilities. However, other match factors such as age, gender, personal interests and family situation will also be taken into account, if necessary.
As a rule, the two weeks’ exchange, will consist of nine days of professional exchange and three days of leisure time (weekend) plus an orientation day upon arrival.
The common language is English, which will add an extra dimension to the personal and professional aspects of the exchange.

Want to lead a group of students overseas? Interested in enriching your own global awareness by traveling with a group of BCC colleagues and students? Want to be a host for a visiting delegate?

These are adventures that we’re exploring. Let Mike Vieira know if you want to help.

International Student Volunteers is looking for qualified instructors from community colleges to lead groups of students overseas during the summer of 2009.

Don’t want to travel?
Visit the Luso Centro in the Eileen Farley Learning Resources Center. You can take part in informal Portuguese chat. The bate-papo will take place at LusoCentro, A109 on Wednesdays from 3:00 pm to 4:00 pm. Carlos Almeida will be the facilitator. COME! VENHA! And bring a friend!

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