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Bristol Community College

Six Easy Steps to Online Registration

Returning students can follow these simple steps to register for classes online through accessBCC. For additional information on alternative ways of registering for classes visit How to Register.

Note: Online registration is only available to returning students. New students must apply to the college through Admissions.

Step1 - Prepare your Schedule
Before you log on to accessBCC make sure you have the following information:

  • Using the class schedule listing for the semester you want, write down the courses you want to register for.
    • List the Course Reference Numbers (5 digit CRN) for each course and lab(s), with potential alternatives.
    • Be sure to check all restrictions and special messages in the course listing.
  • Make sure you know your accessBCC User Name and Password.
  • Certain students will need a Term/Alternate Pin that will be provided by your advisor and printed on your transcript.

Where to Register:  You can register from any computer with Internet access at home or work.  If you don't have access to the Internet, you may use any open computer lab at BCC or in the Farley Learning Resources Center.
Step 2 - Log in to accessBCC

  • Point your browser to
  • Click on the accessBCC logo in the lower left corner and enter your User Name and Password to log on.
  • Click the Student Services tab.
  • In Student Quick Links click Register for Classes.
  • Using the Term drop-down box select the desired term.
  • Click the Submit Term button.
  • If you are required to enter a Term/Alternate Pin you will be prompted to do so.
  • Click on the Submit button.

Step 3 - Register for Your Classes
You are now at the Register for Classes screen.

  • Begin your registration by scrolling down to the Add Class worksheet table.  Place your cursor in the first CRN block and type in the first CRN of the classes you have chosen. For example: 10042 ENG 11.A01 College Writing (10042 is the CRN for ENG 11.A01)
  • Move your cursor with the mouse or use the TAB key on your keyboard to insert CRNs in each block until you have recorded all of your course selections, including CRNs for labs.
  • Carefully proofread your data and make sure the CRNs are accurate!
  • When all of your CRNs are recorded, click the Submit Changes button. 
  • You must click the Submit Changes button to be registered for your selected courses.  If at any point you need to make changes (drop a course) to your schedule or if you realize you have entered a CRN incorrectly:
    • Go to the Action box of the course you want to drop.
    • Click the drop-down box and click Web Delete.
    • Click the Submit Changes button and the course will be removed from your schedule.
  • Your current course schedule will then appear.
  • The courses for which you successfully registered are listed in the Current Schedule table.
  • Scroll down to see if you have any registration errors.

Step 4 -Solve your Registration Errors

  • Courses you have not successfully registered for will be listed below your course schedule with a stop sign and an error message.
  • To determine the specific registration error, scroll to the right to see the Status column.  The following is a list of the possible registration errors you may receive.

    Possible Status Messages Action
    Class Restriction Enrollment is only open to students in a particular year. Select another course.
    Closed Section Enrollment limit has been reached. 
    Select another course.
    Program Restriction Enrollment restricted to specific programs or majors. Select another course.
    Duplicate CRN You have used the same CRN twice.
    Link_Error Type XX Reg You have selected a course that requires a lab section or vice versa. Add the course again with the linked lab section. You must take the course and the lab together, but you register for them separately.
    Time Conflict with CRN # You've chosen course(s) with conflicting meeting times.  Select another course.
    Repeat Count Exceeds 0 You have already repeated this course and cannot register for it again.
    CRN Does not Exist Proofread CRN or choose another course.
    Maximum Hours Exceeded Your have registered for too many hours/credits.  Adjust your schedule.
    Dupl Crse with Sec- You have already taken this course.
    Preq and Test Score-Error You have attempted to register for a course that requires a prerequisite, corequisite, or placement test score you do not have. Select another course or consult an advisor, the instructor, or the department chair if a waiver is applicable.
  • There are two ways for you to find an alternative course.
    1. Select a new course from the class schedule or brochure.  Enter the CRN in the Add Classes section of the screen and click the Submit Changes button.  OR
    2. Click on the Class Search button which will allow you to search the class schedule.  You must choose a subject area but the other information can optionally be left blank.

      • When you have determined the characteristics of the classes, click the Get Classes button.  This will give you a list of the courses that meet your criteria.
      • When you find a course to add to your schedule click the check box to the left of the course.
  • When adding courses, you may click either the Register or Add to Worksheet buttons.  Both of these buttons will bring you to the Register for Classes page.
    • The Register button will check for registration errors and add the courses to your schedule.
    • The Add to Worksheet button will put the course into the registration form and allow you to continue selecting courses.  Once you have selected your course(s) you must click the Submit Changes button. 
Step 5 - Assess Your Charges
  • Click the Registration Fee Assessment button to review your charges.  If you are registering before bills are due, you do not have to pay now and can be billed.  You may choose to pay by credit card now or at a later date (if bills are not due yet) if desired.
  • If you want to pay by credit card click the Credit Card Payment button.
  • Enter your credit card information then click the Okay to Submit Payment button.

Step 6 - Print and Keep!

  • Return to the Registration menu.
  • To print a block schedule click Student Schedule by Day & Time or choose a detailed schedule by clicking Student Detail Schedule.  Your printout is your confirmation
  • You are now officially registered for courses. A bill or a receipt of your credit card payment will be mailed to you.
  • To protect your privacy, be sure to log out when you are done.
  • Congratulations, you're done!