Bristol Community College

Bristol Community College

Non-Credit Instructors Training

Module 1 – Creating a Community of learners

(Recommended areas to view)

                        Learning About Your Students

                                    Discovering Student Differences

                                    Getting to know Your Students           

                                    Learning Your Students Names

                        Diversity and Classroom Management

                                    Creating a Safe Place to Learn

                                    Working with Non-Traditional Learners

                                    Building a Physical Place of Learning

                                    Accommodating Adult Learners         

                                    Encouraging Student Success

                                    Valuing Racial and Cultural Diversity


Module 2- Planning for Outcomes

(Recommended areas to view)

                        Thinking About Outcomes


                                    Considering Skill Standards

                                    Aligning with Program Outcomes

                        Developing Learning Outcomes

                                    Writing Outcome Statements

                                    Working from Existing Course

                                    Action-Oriented Outcomes

                                    Creating Assessment Tasks

                                    Planning Learning Experiences

                                    Writing your Syllabus


Module 3- Active Teaching and Learning

(Recommended areas to view)

                        Introduction to Active Learning

Thinking About Student-Centered Learning

                                    Strategies for Active Learning

                                    Asking Questions

                                    Responding Questions

                                    Collaborative Learning


Module 6 – Assessing Teaching and Learning

(Recommended areas to view)

                        Assessing Student Learning

                                    Assessing Learning Outcomes

                                    The Guiding Principles of Assessment

                                    Assessing Student Thinking

                                    In-Class Presentations


                                    From Micro to Mastery (Activity)

                                    Assessment Flowchart (Activity)-Samples

                        Assessing Your Teaching

                                    Gaining Insight on Your Teaching

                                    Conducting Classroom Research

                                    Peer Review

                                    Teacher Reflections