Bristol Community College

Bristol Community College

The Cooperative Education Seminar

During the Co-op work term, students attend a required on-campus seminar facilitated by a Co-op faculty member. This seminar, combined with the supervised work experience, constitutes a 3-credit elective course.  CED 11 is the course designated for students' first cooperative work term, and CED 12 is the course designated for students' second cooperative work term.  The topics covered in the Co-op seminar further develop the student as a good employee and future professional.

Our Co-op faculty is selected because of their commitment to experiential learning and their ability to represent the college off-campus to a variety of employers in a wide range of work environments. These faculty members teach the on-campus Co-op seminar, assist students in developing realistic learning objectives, and schedule site visits with the students' on-the-job supervisors for performance reviews.

During the Co-op work term, the faculty members are liaisons with employers, and evaluate students based on their efforts and how much they have learned

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