Bristol Community College

Bristol Community College

For Faculty

Benefits for faculty

  • Offer opportunity for students to apply course material in a practical setting
  • Emphasize student responsibility for learning
  • Motivate and engage students through critical thinking and hands-on learning
  • Explore new active teaching methods and provide writing and research opportunities
  • Facilitate faculty connection with community needs and societal issues

Are you a faculty member who wants more information about service-learning?
Select the link below for a Faculty Guide outlining the expected commitment and role of and recognition for BCC faculty who offer their students an opportunity to participate in service-learning.

Are you a BCC professor who plans to have a group of students engage in service-learning at one placement?
Select the link below, and submit the completed form prior to having the students perform the service.

Are you a faculty member who wants to find a List of BCC’s Community Partner Placements?
Select a link below to access a list of BCC Community Partner placements, and links to other non-profit agencies and organizations in our community at which you may be able to arrange for a placement.

What is the next step?
If you need more assistance, contact Dr. Mary Zahm, Director of Civic Engagement, by FAX at (508) 730-3283, or by phone at (508) 678-2811 x.2579.