Bristol Community College

Bristol Community College

Marlene Pollock
Division of Behavioral and Social Sciences
Professor of History

     Office: New Bedford Campus
     Extension: x3098

M.A., Boston College
M.A.T., Simmons College
B.A., University of Michigan

My aim is to excite students to the possibilities and relevance of learning. I strive to help students believe in themselves, expand their ability to think critically, and to have humility in their bearing, and empathy for others. And to always remember to delight in our diversity.

Courses Taught:
HST 111 The West and the World I
HST 112 The West and the World II

NISOD Award for Excellence in Teaching
Top vote getter in 2007 election to the New Bedford School Committee

Social History, (history of ordinary people and mass movements), African American History, U.S. Foreign and Domestic Policy, 1945 to the present.