Bristol Community College

Bristol Community College

Howard Tinberg
Division of Humanities and Education
Professor of English

     Office: B210
     Extension: x2317

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Ph.D, Brandeis University
B.A., M.A., UCLA;

Over the years, I've published a lot of essays for teachers encouraging them to use what happens in their classrooms as material for research. I believe deeply in what is called the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, a movement that tries to promote really thoughtful approaches to classroom instruction.

Courses Taught:
ENG 101 Composition I: College Writing
ENG 102 Composition II: Writing about Literature
ENG 253 English Literature I
ENG 254 English Literature II
ENG 262 Tutoring in a Writing Center: A Practicum and Honors Course
ENG 264 Remembering the Holocaust in Literature and History: An Honors Interdisciplinary Seminar

National Council of Teachers of Writing
Conference on College Composition and Communication
Modern Languages Association



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  • Chapters

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  • Journal Articles

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  • Magazine Articles

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  • Newsletter Articles

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  • Reviews

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  • Awards:
    2004 Carnegie/CASE Community Colleges Professor of the Year
    Carnegie Scholar, 2005-06

    Writing in the disciplines; scholarship of teaching and learning; integrated learning