Bristol Community College

Bristol Community College

John C. Tormey
Division of Behavioral and Social Sciences
Associate Professor of Psychology

     Office: E211
     Extension: x2032

Doctoral Studies, St. Bernard College
B.D., M.Div., St. Bernard College
B.A., M.Ed., Providence College

Dialectical-Mieutic Interactive

Courses Taught:



  • (1983 Mar). Parents and Teens: Growing up Together. Liguori, MO: Liguori Publications
  • (1981 Oct). Life Beyond Death: Reflections on Dying and Afterlife. Liguori, MO: Liguori Publications
  • (1979 Mar). To Love and Be Loved. Liguori, MO: Liguori Publications
  • (1976 Feb). Tell Me Again You Love Me. Liguori, MO: Liguori Publications
  • (1974 Jun). Only You Can Make You Happy. Liguori, MO: Liguori Publications
  • Awards:
    First Recipient - East Providence Citizen of the Year - 1972
    Community Service Award - East Providence Fire & Police Dept.,2002
    Presidential Citation - New England Institute of Funeral Service, 1988
    Golden Eagle Award (3) and Hall of Excellence Award (2) from the National Funeral Directors Association
    Waring-Sullivan Dedication to Funeral Service Award, 2003
    FINE Mortuary College Dedication to funeral Service Award, 2007
    BCC - Sceptre & ÂScroll Society, 2002
    BCC - Last Lecture, 2004
    BCC - NISOD Excellence Award, 2005